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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2021

Since 2008 when the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2021 was inaugurated. Many international and Doctoral students have taken advantage of the opportunity to acquire quality education. This is because the Canadian government is making it possible.

The university is building next-generation leaders in many fields of study. It is necessary because of the challenges faced all over the world. Through their studies they have been exposed to research and learning at an advanced level. The scholarship came up to train doctoral students from around the world. It has the goal of making Canada a global learning center.

The scholarship covers not only a doctoral degree but post-graduate degrees such as MA, Ph.D., or MD, Ph.D. All Canadian institutions that are eligible for this scholarship can submit their nominations. The scholarship covers studies in natural sciences, health, engineering, social sciences and the humanities because of its special focus on research.

Research is the primary focus of this scholarship. This is because the research leads to the completion of a research thesis, dissertation, scholarly publication, or other means of exhibiting research. It must be based on merit and must have been assessed by scholars at each stage.

 What the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship 2021 cover

The scholarship is worth over $50,000 yearly for a period of three years and it is for Doctoral students. The scholarship is meant to support PhD students globally to learn in Canada through the reputable scholarship. It is not restricted to a single university alone. 

It is expected that one hundred and sixty-six (166) persons will benefit from this scholarship. The scholarship is also open to citizens of Canada, permanent residents and foreign citizens in Canada that get nominated for the Vanier Canadian Government Scholarship so long as they are seeking a PhD programme for which funding is available in this scholarship.

The name Vanier was derived from the name of Major-General Georges P Vanier. He was the Governor General of Canada from the Francophone. The Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarship 2021 was named after him to remember his works. 

Who is qualified for this scholarship?


Eligible applicants can be nominated at most one Canadian university and the quote of the Vanier Canadian Government Scholarship must have been received.

It must be the first Doctoral programme of the applicant/nominee and it must reflect deep attention on research. If the applicant or nominee is doing a combine degree, the scholarship will cover only the aspect of PhD.

Nominees must be ready to commence studies in the chosen field in the summer semester or in the new academic year.

Applicants to this scholarship must have had at most 20 months of Doctoral programme by May 1, 2022

At most, they must have completed 32 months of fulltime study by May 1, 2022 in the Doctoral programme. This is because of the policy that guides the scholarship.


They must have attained a first class as required by their respective institutions with 2 years of study or as stipulated. The interpretation of a first-class average varies from one university to another so interested person should contact their institutions to know the requirement for a first-class average.

It is also required that applicants must not be beneficiaries of Doctoral scholarship fellowship from institutions like the CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC. They must not have completed a Doctoral degree as well because it is open to only first time PhD students.

Please applicants should note that they cannot apply directly for the Vanier Canada Government Scholarship 2021 because of its policies of accepting applications only from institutions in Canada that nominate students based on their respective policies. 

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