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University of Roehampton Country Scholarship 2021

Application for the 2021 university of Roehampton Country Scholarship 2021 has commenced. If you are an international student this is an opportunity to get funding for your degree at the Roehampton Country Scholarship in the United Kingdom.

Students are taking advantage of the Roehampton Country scholarship because they want to have their skills developed to cope with 21st century challenges.

Since the institution has been training many international students over the years, it has many scholars are vast in research and experience.

They will help the students that are taking part in the programmes to build their careers and even discover new areas of interest that can benefit them and their societies after the programme is completed.

Students studying for undergraduate or postgraduate degrees can get as much as 2,500 Euro awards to support their education. The award is restricted only to students studying at the university of Roehampton.

Who can apply for this scholarship

1. This scholarship is for self-funded students studying in a full-time programme in the university and paying tuition fees. It is not for those that want a scholarship into undergraduate or post graduate degree programmes that are yet to be admitted to a self-funded programme. Also, those that are beneficiaries of other international scholarships may not be considered for this scholarship.

2. There must be a conditional offer of admission for each. Aside from the conditional offer of admission applicants are expected to  have obtained the offer for selected courses that qualifies them for this scholarship.
A degree or high school qualification is required from any acceptable British or foreign university. It is required that all applicants meet the English language requirement because English is the native language in the UK. The test result must have been obtained not later than 2 years  from the period that it was obtained.

Here are the English language tests that are acceptable.

This English language tests shows the proficiency bevel of each applicant. It is required for undergraduate degrees, post graduate and research degrees. Also the scores to be obtained must be Undergraduate degrees-6.0, postgraduate degreed – 5, research degrees – 7.0 respectively with equivalent IELT scores.

Other accepted scores for the scholarship programme are Roehampton English Language Tests. It is organized by the university and it is reliable like other tests.

For this English proficiency test. Applicants must have the following scores. Undergraduate degrees- 80. This must include at least 17 in writing and listening in English, 18 in reading proficiency and 20 in English language proficiency. However, for research degrees like PhDs, the interested applicants can contact the graduate school for more information.

Pearson PTE Academic Academic
This is also an accepted English Language Proficiency test for the scholarship programme.

The following scores are required: undergraduates’ degrees- 51 in each component and an average of 54.  For post graduate degrees- 51 is expected in each component with an average of 59. Also, research degrees requires 61 for each component and an average of 67.

Others are Trinity Integrated Skills in English language, Cambridge proficiency certificate, Cambridge advanced certificate, GSCE, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate English, Language International ESOL and QA English Test. Visit the official website for more details and about these acceptable tests, their specifications and required scores.

Applicants from the following  countries can apply.

The scholarship is for selected countries like Nigeria, Brazil, Bangladesh, Columbia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan Ghana, Srilanka, Vietnam, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Morocco, Taiwan and Turkey because of the focus on social impact.


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