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University of Melbourne Undergraduate Scholarship 2021

Every year at least 50 students get undergraduate scholarships thanks to the University of Melbourne undergraduate scholarship 2021. Australia has long been known to be a destination for students seeking quality education. Now they will get more than that because of the partially funded scholarship.

If you are an international student, seize this opportunity to get funding for your studies in Australia. Successful undergraduate applicants will receive $10,000 as funding for their tuition fee for the first year of their undergraduate programme.

It is the University of Melbourne that set up the international undergraduate scholarship. The university supports cultural and learning diversities hence it is open to international student.

Although the scholarship is open to all international students that are undergraduates, it is strictly based on merit. The academic performance of applicants will be considered during the selection process.

However, there is a quota system that allows some regions to get more than their regions equitably. International Undergraduate Fee Remission Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit and allocated on a competitive basis subject to quotas by course and region.

The University of Melbourne

The University of Australia does not cease to attract brilliant students and researchers every year because of its high standard. It has a reputation for excellence among international students. It is considered the topmost public university in Parkville Australia because of this standard.

Ranking at 37 in QS Global World Rankings 2022 the university has maintained its reputation for over 160 years.

Details of the University of Melbourne Undergraduate Scholarship 2021

The scholarship is for undergraduate international students that are interested in studying at the University of Melbourne, Australia. The programme is expected to last for a period of three years. The academic calendar of the university for the scholarship in view consists of two semesters.

Semester 2

The semester for mid-year intake for the university began on June 11, 2021. 

Semester 1

The first semester for programme at Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship starts on Tuesday, November 10, 2021 

Successful applicants for the Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship will enjoy all the following.

In the first year of the undergraduate degree, beneficiaries will gain $10,000 in tuition-free remission. There will also be a 50% remission for the 3rd year period of the undergraduate degree programme. In the 3rd year of the undergraduate degree, there will be 100% fee remission.

Eligibility for the scholarship.

All applicants for this scholarship must meet the following requirements

1 Applicant from all countries around the world is eligible to apply unless students from Australia and New Zealand.

2. It is required that all applicants speak and write excellently in the English language because the English language is the official language of the host country.

3. Applicants must have obtained an offer of admission fr an undergraduate course.

4. Academic requirement includes nan A* grade in General Certificate in Education (A-Levels).

Applicants must have obtained 97% in a foundation program that is approved for the purpose of this scholarship.

A minimum score of 43 in the International Baccalaureate (IB) is also required

Applicants must not have taken any course at the tertiary level except extension studies associated with year 12 studies.

How to apply for this scholarship

The application for this undergraduate scholarship involves careful compliance with the procedures established by universities in Canada.

Interestingly, there is no formal application t be done for this scholarship. All interested applicants need to do is to choose an undergraduat4 course after getting a non-conditional admission offer for an undergraduate degree and apply using the online application process.

It is an equal opportunity scholarship for all eligible applicants so long as they meet the requirements as outline above.

Follow the link below to apply for the scholarship APPLY HERE

Apply for Qatar Scholarship 2021




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