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Speech and Debate Scholarships 2021 at California Baptist University in USA

Application has commenced for the 2021 Speech and Debate Scholarship programme 2021. The programme is sponsored by the California Baptist University in the United States of America. It is a golden opportunity for qualified applicants to study in the United States without having to bother about tuition fees.

This merit-based scholarship is for applicants from around the world that are interested in acquiring quality education. It is strictly for fresh graduates that want to study courses in the undergraduate category. Once this solid foundation has been provided, they can they build their careers through post graduate studies because the primary focus of the Speech and Debate scholarship are students studying in undergraduate courses.

The admission and scholarship programmes are operated through the same process. Applicants have t meet all the admission requirements and get admitted first before applying for this scholarship. That implies that although it is open to all international students, it is meant for students that have been admitted to the California Baptist University in the USA.

Like most scholarship programmes, students are mostly motivated to apply by the funding opportunity that id available for them. However, the California Baptist University offers much more than just funding. There are quality facilities and highly qualified and experienced staffs to help build the undergraduates students into global citizens that are capable of solving social problems.

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About the scholarship

Level of field of study available

Host Nationality

Eligible nationality

Scholarship worth

Eligibility of scholarship

How to apply for the scholarship

Deadline for application

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About the California Baptist University in USA

This scholarship is targeted at helping students interested in obtaining undergraduate degrees but do not have enough funds for it. It is more than just for students with the intention to study but for tho9se that have obtained admission. Aside from that the California Baptist University is for that that already gotten admission.

Since it is an international scholarship, it is open to all applicants irrespective of their country of origin, race or gender.

Also, the California Baptist University is a Christian university. That is not t say that it in any way places faith above the student learning and development. But is upholds Christian ideals to help students achieve their unique life potentials. This will enable them to stand out in the society long after their studies have been completed.

The university integrates the tenets of Christianity into learning and student development. So that nothing will be lacking. Students will also enjoy a buzzing social life at the university.

Overall, at the end of their studies they will have not only their academic skills but integrity, spiritual development and character. Its Christian values are deep, s that wherever the graduates go, the glory of God can be seen in their lives.

If you are considering the top private and Christian universities in California, the California Baptist University should be top on your list. Although this scholarship is open to only undergraduate applicants, the university offers post graduate degrees as well.  It has masters, doctoral and credential programmes.

It also offers credential programs in other places and through digital platforms as well. The university has achieved great feat in the academic world by assembling a team of highly qualified staffs to training and build learners.

The university was founded in 1950 and it has remained a reference point for excellent education since then. It is also affiliate to the California Sount5thern Baptist convention which is reputed for its affiliation with then Southern Baptist Convention.

The California Baptists University is known for many good things, a testimony to the fact that its Christian values has earned it a good reputation.


The Baptist California University offers masters, bachelors, doctoral and other academic programmes. However, this scholarship covers on the undergraduate category. It includes applicants that have met all the requirement and gained admission to an undergraduate programme at the university.

Host Nationality

The University is located in California, a state in the United States of America.  The University address is Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92504, USA. California is known for other reasons aside its academic strengths. It is a major destination for tourists because of many amazing sites such as Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland and Hollywood among others. It is a great location that is why all roads leads to California for anything good.

Eligible Nationality

There is no embargo on applications for this scholarship programme. Any one interested in the scholarship can apply. There will be equal opportunity for all applicants to get things right.

Scholarship worth

International students have a lot to gain from this scholarship that offers a whooping $2000 per year. This will cover not only the student tuition but other necessities as well. This yearly scholarship is based on the student’s academic record and performance.

Scholarship Eligibility

To benefit from this scholarship [ opportunity, applicants must be international students at the universities. Those that are not international students are or eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Also, it is meeting the admission requirement that makes you eligible, applicants are still required to apply for the scholarship programme in the undergraduate degree course.

English Language proficiency is essential. Applicants must possess the result of relevant English Language proficiency tests. English Language proficiency tests are of different types but the university wants student to present any internationally accepted one that they have obtained.

Advantages of this scholarship Programmes

Applying for this scholarship programme has many benefits for undergraduates:

Tuition fee payment

The high cost of foreign education is a problem for many students that are interested in acquiring undergraduate degrees. Evern after securing an admission, many of them are still faced with the challenge of comp0leting their programmes because of the inability to meet up with tuition payment.

Value reorientation

What undergraduate stand to benefit is more than just an education. It will be academics combined with Christian spirituality. It molds the lives of students of the university not just in their careers but in life in general. So that when they leave the university, they can remain good ambassadors after their studies.

Quality education

International students apply for scholarship at the university from all over the world. This is not because they lack degree awarding institutions in their home university. It is because they seek a certain kind of standard education that is available in the host country. Hence, they apply as international students for a scholarship opportunity t study in the dream university.


Studying at a prestigious university with highly qualified staffs and high standard facilities is an opportunity many students do not want to miss. Exposure to practical and impactful learning will give them the skills that they will require in the job market after their graduation. Also, they can have good connections and get support for social transforming programmes from the host country.


There are many races and people at the university. The university offers many programmes and it attracts different people and professionals that has contributed to its positive reputation which has made it a popular destination for international students that are seeking to get quality education without losing the Christian values.


  • Applicants must be international students. The scholarship programme is not open to citizens of the United States of America.
  • Applicants must have to apply for the undergraduate degree.
  • Applicants need to show their English language level by providing a satisfactory certificate of English language sufficiency. This is required because English is the native language of the people in the host country.
How to apply for the scholarship

Application for this Speech and Debate Scholarships 2021 at California Baptist University in USA begins after applicants are offered admission into undergraduate programmes at the University.  They are to contact the departments of commutation arts for the application programme. Therefore, to start the process, ensure that you have applied for the university undergraduate programme.

The deadline for this international scholarship has not been revealed by the host University. The University has also not revealed the number of scholarships to be offered.

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