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Social Impact Scholarships 2021 at WU Executive Academy in Austria

The 2021 Scholarship by WU University is tagged the Social Impact Scholarship 2021 because of the value that will be added to all successful applicants at the university. A thorough understanding of how corporate organizations work and the conventional solutions from the research community are what many companies need to get over challenges.

There is an opportunity for partial scholarship funding at the WU Executive Academy. Applicants that are ready to do their masters degree programme at the university will get 25% scholarship funding for their tuition fees.

A partial scholarship will save you the cost of carrying the financial burden of your education. 25% is a whole lot because many students have lost educational opportunities because of lack of funds.

The corporate environment of today faces many challenges that require special training for new generations of workers.  They will become problem solvers and solution providers in the corporate environment after receiving training from the university. The  university has highly qualified staffs and professionals that

When people Seek for International Scholarship, they do not do so only for the purpose of research. Most times it is the desire to fill-up opportunities in the corporate world that inspires many people to build their career through international masters scholarship.

International masters degree is often expensive s many people cannot afford it. However, not many people can afford the high cost of master degree that is why the support of scholarship programmes are often sought.

About the Social Impact Scholarships 2021 WU Executive Academy in Austria

Who can apply for these scholarships?

To be eligible for the social impact scholarship 2021 at Executive Academy in Austria, applicants must meet the following requirement.

International students

Applicants must be international students for their application to be considered. That is, they must be students that are not citizens of Austria where the university is located.

Language proficiency

All applicants must be proficient in written or spoken English or German Language.

This international scholarship is for students that want to have their Masters degree in Austria. It is not a fully paid scholarship. Rather, it covers 25% of the tuition for the Masters prgramme. It spans through academic fields such as professional masters degree, management and social innovation.


When it comes to professional masters WU Executive Academy is the university that can provide the all-round skills that are necessary in the corporate world today. It trains students for a professional career in existing and merging sectors where opportunities as well as many challenges abound.


How to apply for this scholarship

The scholarship programme application is in line with universities guideline. Clicking the link here to fill the application form for the scholarship. Application for the Social Impact Scholarships 2021 closes on the September 15, 2021.

The application form begins with the IT support t ensure that applicants have a hitch free application. In case of any challenge, a support email was provided to help applicants reach the team for technical support.

Also, there are many categories of academic programmes that applicants can chose frm and their requirement varies. Categries on the form include, professional masters, Master of legal studies, Master f Business Law, Professional MBA, Executive MBA among others.

The processes of application are basically five and all stages ought to be completed as required.

It begins with the online applicatin then the applicants will  check the documents that they are applying. What follows in the ;p;roves is an admission interview and then the admission decision stage. The start of the programme will be the fifth and final process before applicants can obtain a scholarship from the university.





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