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Shell Internship/siwes Program-2020

Shell Internship is a superb method to become more acquainted with Shell from within and submerge yourself in the vitality business. It can likewise enable you to choose what vocation is directly for you. You’ll have entire everyday contribution in genuine tasks, chose to coordinate your inclinations and capacities.

You’ll join an undertaking group and work close by Shell representatives who are for the most part experts in their fields. Their points of view will add to your comprehension of our business, its requests and rewards.

A manager and tutor will bolster you straightforwardly and you’ll attempt customary evaluations all through your entry level position to guarantee you take full advantage of the experience.

What shell expects of you

You’ll be assessed on your ability for investigation, basic leadership and making serviceable arrangements, just as your drive, eagerness, flexibility and certainty.

During a shell Internship, you’ll have a formal mid-term audit with your guide and manager. Following this, there will be a last survey where there would be a competency based meeting. You’ll additionally be approached to set up a last introduction about your undertaking.

Your accomplishment in the shell Internship could bring about you being offered a full time job.

Shell  offers Nigerian undergrad in Higher Institutions the chance to pick up work involvement with various areas. Coming up next are the rundown of qualified courses:

  • Engineering
  • Earth Sciences (Geology, Geophysics, Geography)
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Medical Sciences

The Shell undergrad Internship program gives hands-on work understanding from the very beginning, giving undergrad the chance to work straightforwardly with moving and experienced experts. The bits of knowledge and abilities picked up before the finish of the program would be important for future professions.

Why SHELL Internship 

This Shell SIWES Industrial Training Programme is designed for students to:

  • Put theories and concepts into practice
  • Build work related skills required for the business environment through constructive feedback and supervision
  • Improve their general business/industry understanding
  • Gain additional skills in areas such as communication, team building, problem solving and analytical reasoning
  • Build valuable networks and contacts for professional development
  • Gain insights into career options to support choice of specialized field area

WHO CAN APPLY for Shell Internship
Eligible applicants must:

  • Be enrolled full‐time in a University or Polytechnic
  • Have authorisation from their school to participate in the programme

SHELL Internship Application Process
1. All applicants should have their personal valid email account .
2. Applicants who meet the above requirements should apply via email, at: africarecruitment@shell.com

Email content must include:

  • Student’s name
  • Name of University/institution of higher learning
  • Matriculation Number/ student ID number
  • Course of study
  • Required duration/period for internship and
  • Contact details
  • Scanned copy of official letter/ form from higher institution
  • Current Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)/Grade Point Average (GPA)

All applicants are expected to apply not later than three months before the proposed start date.
Please note that Internship opportunities are based on business needs and limited slots are available yearly.





  1. @admin I’m interested in this internship.
    But while going through the requirements above apart from the institution’s name, applicant’s name and official letter from the institution, I couldn’t find there a need for CV.
    Is it that they don’t need applicant CV?
    Please I’m not really clear with the application process of this internship.

  2. Please when is the deadline for the scholarship
    Because i want to apply for my 6months it which will start by june this year


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