Qatar Scholarship Grant 2021

Qatar Scholarship Grant 2021
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The Qatar government is inviting suitably qualified Nigerians to apply for the Qatar scholarship Grant 2021. The scholarship is meant to support the career development of Nigerians

The Qatar government is inviting suitably qualified Nigerians to apply for the Qatar scholarship Grant 2021. The scholarship is meant to support the career development of Nigerians

Successful applicants will receive grants/ funding for their education in Qatar as part to its effort to support developing countries through education. The federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria is championing the scholarship by creating awareness about it for qualified Nigerians to apply and get funding.

Applicants must be from an Official Development Assistance (ODA). There exists a partnership among the ODA to support scholarship. Also, the Qatar scholarship grant 2021 is for those that have applied to any of the partner higher institutions known to the Qatar government. The academic programme that they have selected must also be among the programme that are approved by the partnership.

The list of ODA countries fo9r the Qatar Scholarship Grant 2021 can be found in the link below.

Universities that as eligible are to nominate qualified students for the scholarship. Applicants must be from OECO countries. In selecting students for the scholarship, partner universities are to a choose from available degrees and programmes.

Also, the scholarship award is open to all those that have obtained provisional acceptance from partner universities. The Qatar scholarship is offered based on a selection process by the Qatar Scholarship and selected applicants will be awarded.

Origin of the Qatar Scholarship Grant 2021

The Qatar scholarship is the result of a merit-based system that is geared towards promoting academic excellence and free tuition education. Qatar university is world class.

The university has been producing researchers and scholar for many years because they have many scholars assembled in the citadel of learning.  The opportunity is now open to students from accepted universities.

The Qatar University ranks number 1042 in global ranking. However, in Qatar, it is number 1 because of its great facilities and staffs. It has great potentials in the employment sector as because statistics also shows that its Alumni employment ranks at 710.

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How to apply for the Qatar Scholarship Grant 2021
Interested applicants must apply to universities that are accepted for the Qatar scholarship.

Acceptable Universities include

Qatar University

Doha Institution for Graduate Studies

Lusail University

Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Hamad Bin Khalifa University partnership with Graduate Geneva.

Applicants must first meet the admission requitements of any of the listed universities. The requirements are not the same for all universities so applicants should have a university through which they intend to gain this scholarship.

Once the is done, they can now proceed to apply for the scholarship through the link below.


This brings to entire process involved in getting this scholarship to four:

Firstly, the applicants should apply to the university selected from the list of accepted universities that are outlined above. Their application must have been accepted and they should have a provisional offer of admission by the university before proceeding.

Secondly, all applicants that have obtained admission can then apply for the Qatar scholarship through their university. The procedure for application is the same for all universities approved for the Qatar scholarship programme. What is different is the manner in which respective universities will nominate applicants for the scholarship.

Thirdly, the University will nominate applicants for the scholarship. After interested students apply, the university will then nominate students for the scholarship. This is because the Qatar scholarship gives this right to selected universities through which students apply for the scholarship.

Fourthly and lastly, the Qatar scholarship wills select a final list of applicants that will be given the scholarship. This final list of applicants will then be published as the list of successful applicants for the 2021 Qatar Scholarship.

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