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Maersk RigWorld Drilling Vacancy Announcement.

Maersk RigWorld Drilling has announced that it is seeking to recruit high performing and experienced offshore professionals to work on a drill ship.

As the name implies, a drillship is a marine vessel that’s been modified to drill oil and gas wells. While drillships look similar to a tanker or cargo vessel, there are a couple of major differences.

Drillships are equipped with a drilling derrick and moon pool. In addition, drillships have extensive mooring or positioning equipment, as well as a helipad to receive supplies and transport staff.

Drill ships are special purpose ships which are used for drilling on the ocean beds at deep seas.Such offshore drilling ships, relative to their operational peers have come to be regarded as a safe and sure option for extracting oil and gas at the sea.

This is mainly because of the easy transportability that these vessels offer vis-à-vis the semi-subs and other kinds of ships that are used to carry out drilling operations in the high seas.

About Maersk RigWorld Drilling.

Maersk Drilling provides safe, efficient, and reliable drilling services to oil and gas companies around the world. They specialize in harsh and deep water operations, always priding ourselves on the operational excellence and continuous innovation.


The company seeks to support economic growth and development globally through the provision of drilling services to energy companies, whilst ensuring that they do business in a responsible manner, for their customers, shareholders, employees and society as a whole.

Offshore jobs no longer involve pulling huge, noisy machinery around platforms in oil-soaked clothes. At Maersk Drilling you can work on some of the most up to date, versatile and technologically advanced rigs in the industry.

They have many fascinating and challenging career opportunities for people who want to work offshore.An engaged and dedicated workforce is their foundation success – and they believe so strongly in developing our employees’ skills and values.

At Maersk Drilling you’ll find exciting opportunities for healthy personal and professional growth.

Maersk RigWorld Vacancy Announcement.

The following are the vacant positions and what the jobs entail. You can check your area of specification and apply for the relevant post.

  • Offshore Installation Manager: The OIM is responsible for the health, welfare and safety of the personnel on board the installation, whether a drilling rig, production platform or a support vessel.
  • Safety officer: Safety Officers are responsible for planning, implementing and overseeing company’s employee safety at work
  • Night safety officer: To guard the retail area and cash collections in order to prevent losses , secure premises and personnel by patrolling property; monitoring surveillance equipment; inspecting equipment, and access points; permitting entry.
  • Logistics coordinator: A Logistics Coordinator prepares, routes and manages a company’s purchase orders. Their main duties include reviewing shipment materials before distributions, collaborating with transportation systems to ensure prompt shipment pick-ups and monitoring shipment costs and productivity processes
  • Camp boss: Ensures the site, camp facilities, safety & security, kitchen, dining hall, housekeeping, laundry, recreation, transportation & maintenance are in good working 
  • Assistant OIM: assists the offshore manager
  • Assistant marine section leader(ASML): The person assists and ensures that marine related activities are carried out in accordance with applicable rules and regulations, terms of contract and industry practices.
  • Senior dynamic positioning officer: The SDPO is responsible for the daily maintenance of the draught, trim and stability of the floating units (semi-submersibles and drillships).
  • Dynamic positioning officer: The DPO is responsible for keeping the GMDSS radio watch, updating the radio logbook and testing the GMDSS equipment as well as assisting the Marine Section Leader and Safety Officer in the maintenance and updating of the rig’s marine and safety equipment as required.
  • Lead crane operator: The crane operator is familiar with and follows manufacturer operating procedures in order to safely operate the crane.
  • Crane operator: Works hand in hand with the lead crane operator.
  • Drilling section leader: He/she ensures that all drilling operations are carried out in accordance with the fixed programme and supervises the drill crew and drilling equipment as well as the deck crew and other ongoing work on board the rig.

Other Vacancy Posts Includes:

  • Tourpusher: He is the deputy to the Drilling Section Leader, which means that he/she is the overall person responsible for drilling operations as outlined by the Drilling Section Leader.
  • Driller-main
  • Driller-Aux
  • Assistant driller-Aux
  • Drilling fluid operator: The Drilling Fluid Operator is the overall responsible for the safe operation of the automated mud mixing and distribution system. He is also be responsible for supervising the Floorhands as well as supervising the mud processing areas and assist with the maintenance of the equipment.
  • Assistant drilling fluid operator: Assists the driling fluid operator and is also responsible for pipe handling, casing and drilling equipment on the drill floor as well as carrying out maintenance on the equipment.
  • Technical section leader: He/she carries out the following tasks: maintaining equipment, technical systems and structures to the standards laid down in applicable rules and regulations for the maintenance department.
  • Maintenance engineer: He is the head of the Maintenance section of the rig and reports directly to the OIM.
  • Hydraulic Mechanic: Troubleshoots equipment problems and identifying issues with hydraulic systems within larger machines.
  • Mechanic: Repairs and maintains vehicle engines and other machinery.
  • Assistant mechanic: Assists the mechanic.
  • Engine room operation: Monitor the power plants controls and power distribution and consumption – ensuring power is available at all times Perform troubleshooting, problem solving and plan activities to prevent problems.
  • Electrical supervisor: Electrical supervisors are electrical contractors who oversee the work done by electricians on a job site.
  • Electronic technician: Electronics technicians help design, develop, test, manufacture, install, and repair electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, and computers.
  • Electrician: Design, install, and repair electrical power systems, including communications, lighting, and control networks in homes, businesses, factories, and public spaces and thoroughfares, in addition to ensuring that electrical work is up to code.
  • Assistant electrician: Assists the electrician
  • Subsea supervisor: The Subsea Supervisor is responsible for the safe testing, installation and operation of the Sub-Sea Blow Out Preventers and Control System.
  • Subsea engineer: Responsible for the control and direct flow of oil and gas from deep marine wells.
  • Assistant subsea engineer: Assists the subsea engineer.

How To Apply.

Interested applicants should send their application to Subject of application must be the position you are applying for.


Deadline for application is August 7, 2021. For more information, visit



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