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How to answer scholarship questions

How to answer scholarship questions

The good news is that if you are invited to interview for the scholarship you applied to, that means you are a final contender for the scholarship and they are inviting you to explain how the scholarship will benefit you. You probably find the thought of an interview stressful and might wonder how you can prepare for the interview. Well, if you prepare beforehand, the odds are you’ll make a good impression and get the scholarship. In this article we will teach you to how to answer scholarship questions and also answer some key questions that relates to the subject.

What are scholarship interview questions?

Scholarship interview questions are typically open-ended questions that a representative from the awarding organization may ask to learn more about you. Based on your answers, the interviewer judges whether you are qualified for the grant and whether your goals align with their own. Many schools and organizations interview prospective scholarship recipients in order to determine which candidate receives the prize. Knowing how to prepare scholarship interview responses is a great way to feel confident and prepared during your interview.

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How to answer a scholarship interview question

It is best to approach the scholarship interview as if you are talking with the interviewer. Here are some steps you can take to prepare impressive responses:

1. Practice

Practice answering scholarship interview questions with a friend or teacher. Ask for feedback so you can plan your response. Practice eye contact and open mannerisms as you speak. Don’t memorize your answers and you are less likely to seem over-rehearsed.

2. Do your research

Learn more about the program or institution’s background, mission, and any recent announcements by looking up its website. If you know who will conduct the interview, find their professional networking profile and know what interests you have in common. Also, make sure to review the scholarship’s requirements as well as the scholarship essay you submitted, which is likely one of the reasons you were interviewed.

3. Stay relaxed

Answering scholarship interview questions is usually easier when you are calm. Get in the habit of deep breathing and smile before going in for the interview. Be confident and deserving of the scholarship.

4. Be clear and concise

Take a few seconds before answering to make sure your answers are succinct. Speak clearly, and keep eye contact with the interviewer.

5. Use the STAR method.

This interview response technique acronym stands for Situation (a specific occurrence or issue), Task (your role in the situation), Action (any steps you took to resolve or improve the situation) and Result (the impact of your action). Prepare answers based on real-life examples so they are both compelling yet concise.

List of likely scholarship interview questions and answers

Tell Us About Yourself

Answering this question almost seems easy, but there is a certain way to do it correctly. First and foremost, you should not start by telling the interview committee what you did on your resume. Show them who you are as a person. This is an opportunity for you to showcase your abilities and distinguish yourself from other students.

What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

Tell the interview committee your strengths by giving examples. It is easy to say that you can work hard, but you need to show what you will work hard for. What have you worked hard on? When discussing your weakness, be honest, but let them know how you will overcome this weakness. You want to convince the interviewers that your weakness won’t prevent you from being successful in college.


What made you choose this institution?

Be certain to outline everything you admire about the institute. Before that, make sure you have the necessary understanding of its scope and the reasons for your choices. You can then provide the jury with the reasons behind your choice. Your speech needs to own genuineness and demonstrate your dire desire to be a part of the college/university.

Sample Answer – Harvard University shares my beliefs. They are the bedrock of my vision. Harvard is a landmark in the fields of education and is internationally recognized as the best. I wish to be a part of its student-force, learn from the expert hands of the teaching staff, and contribute to its growth. Harvard has been my dream since childhood, and I have single-mindedly worked towards being a part of it. 

Why Do You Deserve This Scholarship?

The reason you deserve this scholarship is not because you have a high GPA or because you cannot attend your dream school without it. You deserve it because of your skills and accomplishments combined to get you where you are today. Explain that you know there are plenty of applicants who are deserving of this scholarship, but your unique experiences are a good indicator of your future success, and receiving this award will open the door for many more opportunities.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

There’s no need for you to have everything mapped out for the next five years, but the scholarship committee wants to see you have a game plan. What are you hoping to accomplish in college? What are your plans once you graduate? Explain how this scholarship can help you accomplish these goals.

Tell Me About a Mistake You Made and What You Learned From It

Acknowledging your mistakes demonstrates your maturity and readiness for college, but stating what you learned from a mistake also demonstrates how you grow as an individual. The interviewer wants to see you as self-aware and open to learning from your mistakes.

Why Do You Deserve This Award?

This is a tough question to answer, especially since most of the other candidates will have similar credentials. What’s most important is to focus on whether your work ethic fits into the organization’s values. Discuss how you are dedicated to ensuring your college career is a success, and how you plan to make sure the scholarship is used wisely. If possible, discuss some additional accomplishments that make you stand out as a candidate.

What Activities Are You Involved In?

The activities you are involved with say a lot about you as a person. Do you play school or club sports? Do you volunteer? Do you belong to any organizations? Do you have a job? Answers to this question will show the interviewer what you value outside of school.

Which is your favorite subject in school?

This question will require that you provide support for your reasons for liking the subject subject. Jurors will be looking to assess your educational methodology in addition to your passion. provisioning answers that concentrate on the grades for that subject. You may love a subject but may fail to attain excellent marks. You must be honest, and sincere in your response. 

Tell Me About a Personal Achievement You Are Proud Of

This is your opportunity to brag! You’ve worked hard to get to where you are. Did you ace the ACT? Did you hold down a job and maintain a high GPA? Were you inducted into the National Honor Society? Not only is this your chance to toot your own horn, but it tells the interviewer more about you are a person and what motivates you.

How will you use the program money?

Your response to this question is very important – the awarding committee is going to want to know that the money they gift will be put to good use. It’s not enough to merely answer that you need the money to pay for college. You might want to prepare a budget that you can share beforehand with the committee, and also inform the committee if you are applying for other fellowships. This shows real commitment to securing appropriate funding.

Do you want to add anything else?

This question is much more important than you think. The jury has granted you additional time to add any supplements to your interview. If you believe the interview did not cover all aspects of your deliverables, you may want to add your insights on the matter. This is also a good opportunity to thank the panel for their time, and appreciate the institution on its accolades. 

Conclusion:How to answer scholarship questions

Acing your scholarship interview shouldn’t be that hard. We believe with the instructions in this article, you are a step close to landing that scholarship we wish you all the best




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