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The Guinness global graduate programs and internship is an initiative by Guinness Nigeria. As an organization that is constantly transforming its talent pipeline to run its business in the future, they design this program to provide graduates and undergraduates in Nigeria with real work experience. Additionally, it is also an opportunity to explore your interest and also build professional capabilities.

Furthermore, in hunting for talents Guinness Nigeria partners with identified institutions across Nigeria. This is because they are constantly looking to engage passionate students and recent graduates through their internship programs.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the 2021 Guinness Global graduate programs. This will include a brief about the company, the registration processes, and everything you need to know that pertains to the internship program.

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What you should know about Guinness, Nigeria.


Guinness Nigeria is the haven of the first Guinness brewery outside of the British Isle. They are a public limited liability company quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and incorporated in the year 1950 as a trading company importing Guinness stout from Dublin.

 Over the years, they have continued to grow from strength to strength. In fact, since their inception, they have transformed into a manufacturing operation, and their principal activities remained brewing, packaging, marketing, and selling of Guinness foreign extra stout, Malta Guinness, Harp, Smirnoff, etc.

In January 2016, after the approval of their board of directors, they acquired the rights to import, market, market, distribute, and sell the International Premium spirit of the Daego plc. their parent company. This means they now have the right to distribute Daego’s iconic brands such as Gordon’s Smirnoff, Ciroc, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, etc.

Guinness’s relationship with Daego has enabled them to acquire the right to import, market, and sell their products. In fact, this partnership makes them the only Total Business Alcohol in Nigeria that has the capacity to cater for the needs of all consumers segment.

The Guinness Nigeria Plc. Is passionate about their customers and consumers, and their curiosity, and customer insights drives their growth. They care for their brand; they are innovative, and constantly searching for new ideas that drive growth, and developing them across their business. Also, they are proud of what they do and how they do it and they act sensitively with the highest standard of integrity and social responsibility.

How does the 2021 Guinness Global Graduate programs and Internship work?

Basically the Guinness Global Graduate Program and internship is categorized under 3 units. These are the Sales Internship, Supply internship, and other internship.

Sales Internship:

They design this role to develop you into an outstanding territory manager. This they achieve by developing your fundamental selling and leadership skills through a bespoke training program. During the course of your program, they expect you to:

  • Ensure that the required outlets coverage, products distribution and also volume target for your assigned route is achieved.
  • You must execute outlet activation standards.

Position Requirements

  • You must always be ready to win through execution
  • Must be able to influence, inspire and drive performance across distributors and their territories.

Supply Internship:

This position is only available for undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. In fact, you must compulsorily be in your 3rd or 4th year or final year student in a public accredited or private academic institution in Nigeria undertaking a Bachelor’s degree. Basically, this program lasts for 3 months without extension.

Position Requirements:

To fit in for the role you must:

  • Have the desire to gain professional experience and incredibly eager to learn.
  • Possess strong listening skills
  • Be keen to learn about the market and also be able to pay attention to detail and pride in your work at the initial stage of your career development.
  • Have an excellent spreadsheet skill
  • Be very articulate and fluent in English
  • Be patient, a fast learner, committed, must be able to follow instructions, and able to work under pressure.

Required Documents:

  • A letter from your institution of study attesting that you are a student, and or require internship as part of the requirements for the completion of your course.
  • Bank Account details. This includes your Bank Name, Account Number, and Branch Code.
  • A copy of your National Identity Card

How do I apply for the 2021 Guinness Global Graduate and Internship?

Guinness Nigeria has a dedicated platform for the registration of candidates for their internship programs. You can visit the portal using this link: https://bit.ly/3shjzoP

At the moment, Guinness Nigeria is not taking applications for one reason or the other. So the page for the application is currently unavailable. However, it is important to note that the portal can be opened any moment from now. Therefore, ensure to keep yourself updated by checking our blog for regular updates. You will surely be the very first to know when the portal opens.

What are the ways to easily secure an IT Placement?

Most students find it difficult to secure an industrial training placement because they do not have the experience to navigate through this process. Although this might not be the only reason, as limited slots can also be a determinant. Nonetheless by using the tips below we believe it will be an easy ride for you.

  • Start Early:

There is nothing bad in shooting your shot few weeks to the commencement of your SIWES. Many students are fond of waiting till the commencement time before they start sending in their applications. This is not only wrong, but might also hinder you from securing a spot. Therefore, new advise that you start early.

  • Focus on the Knowledge and not the pay:

Many students are after the payment. Although money is important this should not be the only prerequisite. Knowledge should. Therefore, we advise that you do not reject placements because the money is too little. You never know this can be an opportunity to land a full-time role later on.

  • Send you application to firms that are in your discipline niche:

When seeking placements, we advise that you send your application to firms that offer related services to your discipline. Not everyone will land an oil company placement, and not everyone is fit to work there. Therefore, we advise that you focus your energy in companies that are interested in your area of specialization.


The 2021 Guinness global graduate program and Internship is an opportunity to be a part of one of the best brewing companies in the world. Asides from this, it is an avenue for you to gain real time experience.




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