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Fully Funded University of Tokyo Government of Japan MEXT Scholarships 2023.

Are you seeking a fully funded Scholarship to undertake a degree in Japan? This is to announce the commencement of the University of Tokyo Government of Japan MEXT Scholarships Award for International students. Therefore, an application is invited for suitably qualified international students to study in Japan.

The University of Tokyo provides international students with access to several financial aid options that cover various forms and purposes, including school expense exemptions, scholarships, emergency loans, and student discounts. The Government of Japan MEXT Scholarship includes 144,000 yen/month (for a student in a Master’s Program), or 145,000 yen/month (for a student in a Doctoral Program).

We highly recommend reading through this article before applying for this Scholarship to understand all of the specifics about it, including Eligibility, Scholarship Benefits, How to Apply, the Application Deadline, and other pertinent information. Study in Germany: Top Universities in Germany with no Tuition Fee for International Students 2022

Scholarship Summary

  • Host: Government of Japan.
  • Category: Postgraduate | Ph.D. Scholarships.
  • Eligible Countries: International.
  • Reward: 144,000 yen.
  • Deadline: 28th October 2022.


The University of Tokyo’s School of Science conducts research and education across various scientific fields to understand the mechanisms of nature and uncover the immutable laws that govern them. In most cases, scientific research is motivated and advanced by the intellectual interests of researchers and not by the desire to seek the immediate application of findings.

University of Tokyo Government of Japan MEXT Scholarships

The profound understanding of nature that we have gained as a result has formed many conveniences of modern civilization, while also enriching our view of nature and the universe. Science has formed the deepest foundation of civilization and is a driving force for creating the future. With this in mind, the Charter of the School of Science has set the “creation and handing down of knowledge” as the School’s main mission.

University of Tokyo Government of Japan MEXT Scholarships

The School of Science consists of the Graduate School of Science (GSS) and the Faculty of Science. The GSS is comprised of five departments and twelve affiliated centers and research institutions. Recognizing the importance of international academic exchange, the School of Science is pleased to offer various research and educational programs that allow students and researchers from around the world to enjoy life in Japan while carrying out their studies and research.

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To be eligible, candidates must meet the following requirements.

  • have already graduated from your latest degree program and should have a final grade point of 2.30 or higher, while current students should have a grade point of 2.30 or higher for your current courses, and both should be expected to maintain the same academic standards during the scholarship program.
  • meet the English Language Proficiency criteria and have the nationality of a country with diplomatic relations with the Japanese government. 
  • be born on or after April 2, 1988.
  • apply for the field of study that they studied at their previous university or a related field. Applicants should select a field that they can research at their chosen host university in Japan.
  • be physically and mentally healthy enough to pursue their studies in Japan.

If you are not eligible for the University of Tokyo Government of Japan MEXT Scholarships 2023, you can search for alternative Scholarship Opportunities here

Scholarship Benefits and Duration

The scholarship includes:

  • 144,000 yen/month (for a student of a Master’s Program), or 145,000 yen/month (for a student of a Doctoral Program)(an additional monthly stipend of 2,000 or 3,000 yen may be added to those students undertaking study or research in some designated regions of the country).
  • Transportation to and fro
  • Enrollment and Tuition fees will be exempted.

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Required Documents

All MEXT applicants must submit:

  • Application Form
  • Field of Study and Research Plan
  • Letter of recommendation from
  • An official transcript from the last university attended (at undergraduate or graduate level). If you are currently enrolled in a university (at the undergraduate or graduate level), please submit an official transcript of the last degree program (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D.) that you have graduated from, as well as an official transcript of your current degree program.
  • Passport-type photo taken within the last 6 months (4.5 x 3.5 cm, upper-body, full-faced, without a cap)
  • Proof of language ability certifying that one of the Language Proficiency
  • Abstract of graduation thesis
  • Official statement of (expected) graduation of the last university attended.

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How to Apply

  • Applicants must submit the required documents for MEXT Scholarship after completing their admission application for entering the Master’s/Doctoral Program, following the “Instructions for International Students applying to the Graduate School of Science (Special Selection for International Applicants)”.
  • These documents must be written in either Japanese or English. They must be created in A4 format using software such as MS Word and must be printed double-sided (duplex printing). A document written in any other language must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.
  • Submitted documents will not be returned.
  • An application that passed the submission deadline is not acceptable.
  • An application will not be considered unless all application forms and necessary documents are completed correctly and all accompanying documents are complete.
  • In some countries, a graduation certificate and other documents are issued by a government administrative office. In this case, the University of Tokyo may need to confirm with a student’s previous university that the certificate issued contains no erroneous information.

Click ‘Click here to Apply.

Application deadline

The deadline for this application is 28th October 2022.



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