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Clayton State University International Student Scholarship 2021

  • Apply for the Clayton State University International Student Scholarship 2021
  • The scholarship is open to all qualified students from around the world
  • Clayton University is a highly diverse learning environment with a predominantly black student population.

International students that are interested in studying at the Clayton State University Georgia, United States now have a chance to apply for the Clayton state university international student scholarship 2021. The Clayton State University offers international students’ practical classes and real-life experiences. This superb value is added to the lives of students from 32 countries and no less than 34 states.

Although so many students are catered for, the institution has the facilities to provide all the trainings that they require. Students will enjoy a booming campus life when they study at the university.

The serenity of the environment is a factor that distinguishes the university from other institutions of learning. There with be enough support for new students because of the friendly student communities that exists at the University. When international students apply for a university, they consider several factors chief among which is the quality and standard of the education provided in the institution.

The university as shown great commitment to its vision of helping international students to actualize their full potentials.

As a public institution of high repute, the Clayton State University has its doors open to thousands of undergraduate students. It currently has 6, 368. The environment is vet real for learning because of its suburban location. It spreads across 192 acres of and. During the 2021 edition of the Best Colleges, it ranks 103 in the top regional universities.

The university is poised to prepare international students for the global challenges in their world. This makes them well equipped for the challenges of the society that they return to after their studies.

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About the scholarship
Level of field of study available
Host Nationality
Eligible nationality
Scholarship worth
Eligibility of scholarship
How to apply for the scholarship
Deadline for application
Scholarship link
Editor’s recommendation

About the Scholarship

There is alt of merit in encouraging cultural diversity in a learning environment. Inquisitive minds will get a chance to connect with others from different parts of the world. This opportunity is open to everyone through the Clayton State University International Student Scholarship.

To enable more students to benefit from the opportunities presented by this programme the university operates a scholarship programme for international students.  The highly competitive scholarship opportunity provided by this university is based on the student’s academic performances. It is best suitable for those that are in financial difficulties and require support for their international education.

Applicants will be required to provide documents to backup claims of their academic qualification and they will be screened before selection.

There is an aspect of the University that is captivating to people from Africa and black countries around the world. The university has a reputation for being not just a center of diversity but one with a black history. This is not just an assumption about it, it is a matter of fact. Statistics shows that of the total number of students in the Clayton State University, 62.3% of the students are either blacks or Afro-Americans. Furthermore, 16% of the students are white. Other races are speared unevenly across the student population. This is the reason why it is generally considered to be a black university.

However, aside the high number of black student population, the university is unique for its learning diversity and environment that provides the best learning environment for students

Below are some of the benefits that international student will gain from this scholarship proogramme:

1 Ease of application

Applicants do not have to visit the University to complete their application. It can be done online through the University’s portal. All supporting documents that are proof of your qualifications can be attached to the application as well. There is no separate process of application and admission. All is online.

2 Covid19 policy

The safety of applicants is of high priority to the university authorities hence their strict compliance to all CDC approved Covid19 guidelines. Since applicants are coming from many parts of the world in this period of the Covid19 pandemic, it is required that students get tested and follow all covid19 prevention protocols such as the use of face mask, social distancing among others.

3 Tuition

At least it is certain that this scholarship award covers the tuition fees of successful applicants. If applicants meet all the requirement, selection will be through the performance of each student’s is that the best will be awarded the scholarship.

4 Diverse Learning environment

Although there are predominantly black or African students at the Clayton State University, there are students of other races there as well. It is a public University that guarantees diversity so students from all around the world can apply to get quality education.

Level of field of study available

This international scholarship is open to each student that are interested in Bachelors or Master degree programmes. The University did not share the academic programmes that are covered by this scholarship. Hence applicants can apply for all programmes that are listed on the University’s websites.

Host Nationality

The Clayton State University is located in Morrow, Georgia, a state in the United States. It is a public university located in a suburban town but with high quality facilities for learning.  It occupies a unique place in Gorgia University system.

Eligible nationality

Application for this scholarship programme is open to applicants from all over the world. This is in line with its policy of diversity that has become one of its greatest strengths as a destination for international students that are engaging in Bachelors or Masters degree programmes.

Scholarship worth

International students are also interested in how much they stand to benefit from a scholarship programme. This is because the tuition fees and other financial requirements are high. That is why the scholarship worth is equally high too to provided the needed financial support for international students. For this scholarship programme, However, the actual worth of the scholarship has not been made public. What has been shared is that it covers tuition fee

Eligibility of scholarship

To be eligible to apply for this scholarship applicants must have earlier applied and obtained admission to study in a programme at the Clayton State University in Georgia.

This scholarship does not require that all applicants present an SAT or ACT score. However, those that have them can present them because they are optional.

It is compulsory that all applicants possess at least 2.0 GPA from their previous qualification.

Also, scores from their English Proficiency test are required from all applicants. This is very important because students need to be able to communicate and adot to the new environment which has English as its native language.

Acceptable English proficiency tests include; TOEFL (78), IELTS (6.0), Duolingo (100).

 How to apply for the scholarship

Application for this scholarship programme can be done through the Clayton State University portal. It begins with a submission of an application for admission. Applications should also include a statement of purpose which explains why the applicants should be awarded the scholarship.

Like most international scholarship programme, the scholarship application is not different from the university admission application.

The link to the university portal is There are different links for applying for either the undergraduate programme or the graduate programme. The platform is highly interacted as there are live chat features where new applicants can ask questions and learn more about the university.

Deadline for application

Application for the 2021 edition of the Clayton University International Scholarship will close on the 15th of October 2021. Applications made after the closing date will not be accepted.

Scholarship link

Below are the links to apply for this international scholarship programme

Undergraduate scholarship

Graduate scholarship

Editor’s recommendation.

This international scholarship is open to all candidates that poses relevant qualifications especially the language and academic requirements. Applicants do not have to come from a particular country to be eligible.

It will be strictly based on merit so applicants s be rest assured of a fair application and selection process. Obtaining the award will guarantee the payment of their tuition fees. The financial worth of the scholarship was not made public but it may include many other benefits that were not stated.

Interestingly, blacks and Africans will find Clayton State University to be a home away from home. There are many student communities and groups to make your stay and study to be much fun. The main goal of the scholarship is not to draw talents from all parts of the world to Georgia. Rather it is to build talented people from all over the world with the relevant skills, develop their capacity and make them agent of change in their respective societies.

Lastly, applicants must demonstrate that they are in need of funds in their application.

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