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(Apply Now) 2021/2022 AAUW International Fellowship Programme for MA, Msc, Ph.D, and Post-Doctoral Study in the US

Applications are being accepted for the 2021/2022 AAUW International Fellowship Programme. The programme is for Masters, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral Study in the United States.

Women have been prime beneficiaries of international fellowships for over a century in the United States. Beneficiaries have been women from different countries. It is required that applicants. The preferred applicants are those that plan to return to their home countries to apply the professional skills that they have acquired. This is important because it is only through this that they can impact lives globally.

 The fellowship makes provision for the programme outside the United States in limited cases. Also, it cannot be granted for the applicants to have it in their home country because it negates the original goal of the programme.

 It is expected that before the deadline for this application expires applications for the 2021/2022 AAUW International Fellowship Programme for Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Study in the United Statesaplicants must have acquired the equivalent of a United States bachelor degree.

Also, they must have made their applications to the university of their choice. The criteria for selection by the university is often based on the demonstrable commitment of the applicants. Their motive should be towards women and girls.

Their impact to their host countries is felt in the following areas leadership, governance, academia and research, community activism, science and art.

Who can apply for this fellowship?

Those that have previously obtained international fellowship are not eligible for the 2021/2022 AAUW International Fellowship Programme for Masters, Doctoral, and Post-Doctoral Study in the United States or grant opportunity.

Those that are the members of the AAUW board of directors, units. Staff or interns are not eligible to apply. However, those that are benefiting from the programme can take on leadership positions in the organization.

Women scholars in diverse fields can apply for this fellowship and applicants that were not uncollected in previous fellowships can reapply for it.

It is required that applicants possess nonimmigrant visa. However, US citizens are not eligible to apply. This applies also to women that will become US citizens, permanent resident or those that possesses dual citizenship combined with the US.

Applicants must possess a US equivalent bachelor’s degree which should be completed at most by November 15, 2021.

Applicants must be available and ready to have an uninterrupted academic year.

English Language proficiency is required. This can be proven through the provision of the following:

Transcript from English speaking institution, English proficiency Exams, or statement verifying that English is your native language. It is expected that all interested applicants will take the test as early as possible to ensure that the results are ready for their application.

Those applying for Masters/First Professional degree and Doctoral applications must have completed their application by November 15, 2021. In their application the name of the accredited institution of study should be indicated by the applicant. Although acceptance may not be required, official confirmation from the institution with their acceptance materials.

Masters/First Degree (professional) fellowships are meant for masters of or professional degree programmes like J.D, March, M.D., D.D.S and associated qualifications. However associate and undergraduate degrees are not eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Ther Doctoral fellowship are primarily for research like Ed D or PhD

If applying in the post-doctoral category, applicants must provide an evidence of their Doctorate degree. This will enable organizers to verify their location of research must be indicated. 

Funding should not be expected in this international fellowship for those seeking a partial study year. This is because it is meant for those that are interested in fulltime studies.

The deadline for the AAUW International Fellowship Programme application, including the provision of required documents is 11:59PM, November 15, 2021. CLICK HERE TO APPLY





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