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Apply for the 2021 International Student Scholarship at NTUT in Japan

Students that are not citizens of Taiwan, Hong Kong or China stand a chance of benefitting from this 2021 International Student Scholarship at NTUT in Japan.

It is Taipei Tech that will spearhead the learning process for the beneficiaries. They will study in an environment that supports learning.

Who can apply for this scholarship
To be eligible for a master degree, applicants must have obtained a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline. Same goes for applicants interested in a PhD scholarship. They must have a master degree in a related discipline for which they want to gain a PhD degree scholarship.

It is expected that all previous degrees presented by applicants must be from a university that is recognized by the scholarship awarding institution. Applicants for the 2021 International Student Scholarship at NTUT must have excellent written or verbal communication skills.

About the scholarship

This international scholarship is organized yearly for deserving students to acquire masters or PhD degree. It is expected that before applying for this scholarship, applicants must have obtained admission in to the Masters or PhD programme of their choice at the university.

About the National Taipei University of Technology

This scholarship is floated by Taipei Tech. They provide different types of scholarship and their programmes covers over 50% of the tuition fee for undergraduate students that are willing to acquire master or PhD degrees.

Once a scholarship is awarded, it can. Be renewed yearly until the student programme is completed.

What Students will gain from this scholarship

However, it depends on the performance of the student that was awarded the scholarship. The National Taipei University of Technology popularly known as Taipei Tech has been at the fore front of training and career development for many years. Since its establishment in 1912 it has functioned as an institute of technology and it has been providing degrees for that long.

It’s academic profile as a world class learning center also shows in the educational programmes available at the university. There are a total of 19 departments, 26 master degree programme and 17 PhD programmes.

Also the university is among the top 500 universities globally according to a statistic released by QS World University Ranking.
Its position is actually 488.

The university is not known for its academic strengths alone. Although it is a learning place for international students, it provides bousing services as well. Its houses are both within its campuses and outside.

Also, the University provides library services. A library is a major trademark of great learning institutions and Tapei Tech is proving to be one of them.

It has a library collection of resourceful materials and that is not all.  There is an e-library to cater for the learning needs of distance learners and students from the comfort of their locations.

There are also medical services (health insurance) for students at the university. Whatever you can think about a world class university can be found at the university.

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