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Apply for Lilly Research International Scholarships (University College Cork in Ireland)

Application for the University College Cork’s Lilly Research International scholarship has commenced. Interested applicants stand a chance to get funding for their academic programmes.

Also, the scholarship will promote academic research in areas like Chemistry, Pharmaceutical sciences, Chemical Engineering.

Why this scholarship offers 16,000 Euros for academic tuition fees, it provides anther 6,000 Euros for consumables. It is not for all disciplines but the ones outlined above.

Students would not be supported with scholarships only. They will also enjoy the academic environment to which they will be fully integrated. Imagine learning in the University College Cork and being fully integrated into it.

About the University College Cork, Ireland

The University is known mainly for research and that is why it is popular among international students. The UCC became the first university to get the International Green Flag for environmental friendliness. It has a unique support system too develop students both personally and academically.

Who can apply for Lilly Research International Scholarships?

Applicants are required to possess a second class h0onours in the needed grade. All interested applicants should present a degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) from a reputable university.

English language proficiency is required for each. Applicants have to present a proficiency test result to be eligible to this scholarship programme. The closing date for this international scholarship is August 19th, 2023. The scholarship is valued at 16,000 Euro for MSc or MSc. It comprises of two awards.  Those that are interested in this scholarship whether PhD or MSc should apply through the CCU portal and ensure that all relevant documents are provided.

Applicants will be required to provide 2 referees, application form and a personal statement. Referees should be   a lecturer or tutor if the applicant graduated within five years prior to this application. Applicants that graduated later than five years prior to their application are in the same category with those from nonacademic background. They can provide employers or suitable persons. Referees must not be relatives or friends of the applicants.

Selection Process

Selection for the Lilly Research International Scholarships will be done by a selection committee which will be created by the University College Cork. The committee will eb crated at the instance of the Head of College of Science Engineering and Food Science. It will be made of three senior academics, nominee chair which could be the Head of the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science. In addition, the UCC development office will be represented in the committee.

For those that meet the requirements for this scholarship, their selection may be in two stages.

Firstly, selection will be made based on their application. Applicants that fail to meet the application requirements will not be selected.

There may be another stage for all the applicants because the process is often thorough. An interviews may be conducted. Aside from the factors earlier identified, key indicators for selection may include: the proposed impact of the project in your application, the quality of the project, the project feasibility and importance.


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