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Apply for 1 million Euro 2021 Green Peoples Energy Challenge (Grant)

The 1 million Euro 2021 Green Peoples Energy Challenge seeks to support businesses that have no international support and connections through a grant of 1 million Euros. It is a great opportunity for business owners in the energy sector to benefit from international support.

The 2021 Green Peoples Energy Challenge is different from other business support grants and funding because it is not to be repaid. So, application is open to business owners in the green energy industry in Nigeria, sub-Saharan Africa, and some selected countries.

The 1 million Euro 2021 Green Peoples Energy Challenge

Energy is an area of interest for both national and international governments because of its natural impact on health and the ecosystem. The need for green energy is the brain behind the 1 million Euro 2021 Green Peoples Energy Challenge. This is because increasing access to green energy for all through innovation.

By implication, there will be a reduction in CO2 emissions and the sustainability of off-grid systems. Support many small businesses in the green energy industry to grow will further entrench the goals of sustainable energy and rid the world of Carbon emissions for energy.

The Challenge Titles for Interested Applicants

There are two broad categories that applicants have to choose from. They are; increasing off-grid system sustainability and reducing Co2 emissions through access to energy.

Assessment Committee

The assessment committee will include representatives from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The proposal that they select will be submitted to the aforementioned organization. GBE has been supporting efforts in renewable energy to actualize the Sustainable Development Goals 7. It aims to further achieve this through the 2021 Green Peoples Energy Challenge.

Screening and Selection Process

All entries will be screened by a team of foreign experts that will select and recommend some proposals for final selection. Also, after entries are submitted an Assessment Committee set up will screen the received entries and the submissions will be passed through the following criteria:

Administrative eligibility

People that own businesses in the green energy industry and apply for this grant must ensure that their organization has standard administration to be able to handle the implementation of the project that they have proposed.

Technical sustainability

These two factors will determine the entries that will scale through screening for the grant. However, sustainability will be given special attention. It is expected that long after the project is completed, it will continue to bring many benefits.  

Requirement to apply for this grant

To apply your business must either be a nonprofit organization or a local for-profit company with no ties to countries in industrialized countries. This is to ensure that that local content is promoted among applicants. The program places priority on 9 green people energy focal countries However, Nigerian businesses and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa are encouraged to apply for the grant.


 Your business name and other details about your company should be in the profile. It comes in an online form so you can click to open and fill all the appropriate spaces. After that, it can be downloaded and attached to the email provided for submission. Also, all applicants should send only correct information. This will help them scale through the screening process.

 Successful companies will receive the grant to support their business in the green energy industry. They will be expected to implement the ideas in the proposal that the committee approves.

 Budget administrative

 Proposals submitted by applicants must demonstrate their ability to manage the funds if they are offered the grant after the election process is completed. They must have the required framework because they need to efficiently utilize the funds. The organization does not have to possess complex structures because of the need for efficiency.

 Profile data protection declaration.

The reason for this is because certain personal details such as health, finances and other confidential details are required during the process. Applicants for the grant are expected to provide truthful information in all required places

How to apply for this grant

The process of application has been streamlined and it is easy. So, if you have a green energy business that requires this grant, simply click and fill the links provided. There are three major areas that you need to fill. Namely; Project outline, Budget administrative and Profile Data Protection Declaration. 

Interested applicants can submit their entries through their official website




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