2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program (Fully Funded)

2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program
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Applications are welcomed from suitably qualified candidates for the fully funded 2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program.

Successful applicants 2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program will be assigned to Washington or other areas of service.

They will acquire skills and knowledge in the areas of development to help their countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It is a fellowship program for youths in developing countries like Nigeria. Specifically, it is for those that have recently completed a Ph.D. or are in the final year of their Ph.D. programs.

The world bank is an international organization that is concerned about the economic and social development of the world economy. It is of special advantage to the developing countries because of the myriads of challenges that face. They get aids and support from the world bank in many ways.

One of those ways is internships, scholarships, and training programs to build a generation of African youths that can face the challenges in the continent. When the training has been completed fellows and graduates will return to help their local communities with the skills and knowledge that they have acquired during the training.

What Participants in the 2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program will gain?

Ph.D. students and fresh graduates can now apply for the 2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program. The fellowship is a fully-funded one and it trains participants in Washinton DC or other WBG country offices. Also, the program is for Ph.D. candidates and recent Ph.D. graduates that from sub-Saharan Africa.

The program is targeted at young African citizens that have completed their PhDs in disciplines that are within the specializations of the world bank. Since the program was created, it has been successful that in developing young talents in Africa. Participants are drawn from a wide range of interests like international institutions, government, and government support organizations.

Internship in Washington and WBG Countries

 Fellows that will be selected in the 2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program will be offered a six-month task at the World Bank group. The location for the assignment is going to be Washington DC or any of the WBG country offices. This will enable them to obtain firsthand experience in the operations and activities of the World Bank.

They will acquire knowledge in the following areas; Knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing, design of national and international policies, institution building for inclusive growth that can help in the development of developing countries. 

They will be able to access a vast number of resources that may include research in their respective area and will have technical support from the World Bank. In helping you achieve these goals the objectives of the World Bank will e achieved because of the shared prosperity that will thrive.

The overall, goal is to build the new generation of Africans with the much-needed development and research skills, policy formulation towards poverty alleviation.

Qualifications and Requirements

Applicants for the 2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program are expected to meet the following requirements to apply:

Furthermore, applicants must have recently completed a Ph.D. It must not be more than three years from the time of completion. Those in the final year of their Ph.D. program can also apply.

Excellent verbal and written command of English.

Also, excellent analytical and quantitative skills

Before August 23, 2021, applicants must not be more than 32 years.

Recruitment Process

The process of selection for the Fully Funded 2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program. The first stage involves the release of the names of applicants for the different units that they applied to. All applicants will be informed and carried along to know if their applications were considered or not.

Secondly, the release of a final list of successful fellows is the second phase. It will be drawn after careful consideration by the units within the World Bank Group where the application was sent.

At the end of the second phase, the successful candidates will be notified. They have been hired for 6 months which will begin in 2022, January precisely.


Upon successful selection, fellows will get consultant fees. In addition, air travel to Washington DC, or assigned WBG areas to begin study processes.

To apply, click the link below to start your application for the fully funded 2022 World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program

Apply here: https://wbgfellowship.worldbank.org/


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