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2022 Swansea University Hillary Rodham Clinton Scholarship

The 2022 Swansea University Hillary Rodham Clinton Scholarship programme has commenced. The programme seeks a global collaboration in ending many social problems that have bedeviled the international scene It is being actualized in partnership with Sky and International Masters students can now benefit from it.

Obtaining international masters degree often comes with a heavy price for many students. Over the years thousands of students have studied abroad for their international masters degrees in various disciplines. While a huge number have obtained foreign masters degree, many others cannot.

This is because of the high cost of studying abroad. Most people affected by this are in developing countries. To create a level playing ground for every applicant, this scholarship programme has opened the opportunity for many people to apply based on their qualifications and competencies. This is a fair and open process that creates an equal opportunity for everyone.

As a new academic session begins in January 2022, the university is calling for applications from interested students to benefit from its scholarship.

The scholarship in view is open for applicants interested in the following areas:

Digital inclusion

Racial injustice

Children’s rights

Environment and climate change

Human rights

These fields are in high demand in society because most social challenges have their roots in them. These areas include problems such as digital inclusion, racial injustice, children’s rights, environmental and climate change and human rights. Successful applicants will be molded in these areas so that they can contribute professionally to solving the related problems in their societies.

The 2022 Swansea University Hillary Rodham Clinton Scholarship adopts an action-oriented method for its collaborations and partnership and the academic system will be largely experimental and practical so that learners can acquire hands-on skills and experience in handling these social ills.

Programme Duration: 2022 Swansea University Hillary Rodham Clinton Scholarship

The master of art degree in Global challenges, law policy and practice is a one year programme. 

       At the end of the programme the successful applicants will acquire many skills like:

 Knowledge about the persistent global challenges. Booth national and international.

Also, a good understanding of how to solve these challenges through the rule of law and policy

To solve these challenges, they will acquire research development skills along with other skills that can enable them to provide new solutions to social problems.

Law and policy reforms through adequate stakeholder engagement will also be learned by successful applicants.

Eligibility: Who can apply?

To qualify for this 2022 Swansea University Hillary Rodham Clinton Scholarship programme applicants must meet the following requirements

First-class degree in Law or related disciplines in addition to an excellent individual module performance

Second class upper degree in a relevant discipline.

Applicants must provide an acceptable pass in English language qualification such as IELTS test. In each of the test components, applicants are required to get 7.0 in overall score and at least 6.5 in each part. These tests are for those that do not have English as their first language.

CV (2 Page) and a cover letter should also be provided by applicants In addition, they must indicate their area of interest.

How to apply

 Applicants are to focus on the global challenge areas like;  Digital inclusion, racial justice, children’s rights, environment and climate, human rights. The area of inters and reasons why they are selected and how they will contribute to solving the challenges should be discussed in the cover letter. 2 references should be provided as well.

The closing date for applications is 3rd of September 2021 and applications as stated above should be sent by email to

Learn more about Swansea University.

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