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2022 SEPLAT Joint Venture National Undergraduate Scholarship Program

A partnership between Shebah Petroleum Development Company Ltd and Platform Petroleum Joint Ventures Ltd to further the development of upstream oil and gas in Nigeria produced SEPLAT. Today the 2022 SEPLAT Joint Venture National Undergraduate Scholarship is supporting undergraduates in Nigerian universities through scholarship. 

Thousands of undergraduates have been applying for the scholarship and many are already on scholarship. This is because it is an annual program.

SEPLAT is an independent oil and gas company in Nigeria that operates in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The company is listed on both the Nigerian and the London stock market and it is a company to reckon with in the oil and gas industry.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, it supports education through its scholarship program. It holds education in high esteem so it seeks to improve it through scholarship.

SEPLAT does not only support undergraduates in tertiary institutions across Nigeria. 

There are many SEPLAT schools in Nigeria where students enjoy quality education that they would not have obtained without the support of the scholarship program.

2022 SEPLAT Joint Venture National Undergraduate Scholarship

SEPLAT is a scholarship program for undergraduates in Nigeria. Undergraduates in both federal and state universities in Nigeria can apply for this scholarship and get funding for their educational pursuits. The scholarship is a way to support students and motivate them to especially when they are already performing well academically.

It is an annual scholarship program geared towards educational development to applicants from Nigeria. There are different strata of students in Nigeria all deserving of academic scholarship because of their sterling academic performance. However, this scholarship program targets undergraduates in Nigerian Universities.

Many brilliant students have dropped out of school owing to financial challenges. many of them cannot afford to pay the increased fees. However, scholarships are reserved for high-performing students and not everyone. 

Students that have risen to the challenge of educational excellence will get rewarded with scholarship t support their dreams.

Educational scholarship as offered by SEPLAT is not for every student or undergraduate. Students are expected to meet certain criteria before they can be eligible to apply for the scholarship opportunity. Their applications will be screened and successful applicants will be awarded a scholarship.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Scholarship

Second-year students

To qualify for this scholarship undergraduates must be in their second year in a degree program in any of the approved and accepted Nigerian universities for the scholarship. Students who meet all the other requirements with the exception of this should not apply for this scholarship program because it is meant for the second year only. They will enjoy the scholarship throughout their undergraduate program because of the benevolence of this program.

All applicants must possess 5 O’level credits in one sitting. This must include credits in English language and Mathematics. To further streamline Applicants that use the combined result for O levels are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

In addition, their Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) must be 3.5 and above. This means that they must be on a grade level of second class upper division (2.1) to be eligible to apply. Also, the Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA is obtained after the results of the first and second semesters have been accumulated.

Approved Courses:

To be eligible to apply, interested undergraduate students must be studying any of the courses at undergrad[dute levels.

1 Accountancy

2. Architecture

3. Agriculture

4. Business Admin.

5. Civil Engineering

6. Computer science and Computer Engineering

7. Electrical Engineering. Also, Electrical Electronic

8. Environmental studies

9. Geology

10. Geophysics

11. Law 

How to Apply for This Scholarship

There are a few processes that must be followed for your application to be successful. So, all interested undergraduates should adhere strictly to the instructions provided when applying for the 2022 SEPLAT Joint Venture National Undergraduate Scholarship.

There is a form to be filled with certain information by the applicants. The online form must be filled and submitted before application can proceed. Below is a link to the online form for the 2022 SEPLAT Joint Venture National Undergraduate Scholarship.

It is required that applicants possess a valid email account to make communication easy. Throughout the process, they will be contacted via email and get relevant information until the process is completed.

Applicants should please note that only selected applicants will be contacted. Also, those that make it through the early stage will be carried along throughout the process.

All Applicants to this scholarship program are subject to the terms and conditions as it relates to the 2022 SEPLAT Joint Venture National Undergraduate Scholarship. The closing date for the application is August 2, 2021. It is so because traditionally, it closes two weeks after it is announced. Successful applicants will be announced after the screening process has been concluded.




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