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2021 University of Dundee Scholarship

Applications for the 2021 University of Dundee International College Entrant Scholarships has commenced. It is an opportunity for many students to study at the University of Dundee.

About this scholarship
The unspecified number of awards will be awarded scholarships for Postgraduate studies. Since it is a yearly scholarship, awardees will get £4500 annually. Those that are interested in having Masters degree programme in the area of Art and Design, Finance, Economics, Biomedical Engineering, Medical imaging, Accountancy, International Business, Education, Engineering electronics, Energy Petroleum, Law, Social work, Nursing and other Health related sciences.

Students that had applied to the University will be notified if they have been selected for this grant for their postgraduate studies. There is no formal application process.

Requirements for this scholarship

There must be an offer for an ICD programme (Full time) whether online or in the University campus.

Since it is a postgraduate programme at the University., it is required that all applicants possess an undergraduate degree to qualify.

The English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL is also required because English is the native language of the host country.

Details of their eligibility 

More details about the Post Graduate scholarship. will be contained in the acceptance letter for the master degree programme.

The scholarship is full time and it is schedule to start from September 2021, January 2022, April 2022 and June 2022. It will last for a maximum of 2 years for the respective postgraduate programmes. At least 174 countries can take part in the application including Nigeria.

For successful applicants that will obtain this scholarship, it does not automatically result in a tuition fee discount. This applies to the International College Dundee Entrant Scholarships.

A onetime application is required so applicants should thoroughly review their applications to increase their chances. This is because information about the number of awards to be given are still not known.

A team of academic staff will review each application and feedback will be provided. It will be done through the email that the application was made. This institution is popular among international students seeking post graduate studies because of its high standards and wide range of specialties from diverse fields.

At the end of the programme, applicants will be better positioned to stand up of the challenges and problems of their societies. Also, they will be better positioned for research and development.

How to apply for this scholarship

Like other scholarship/grants, there is no separate application process for the 2021 International College Entrant Scholarships. This is because the college admission earns applicant the opportunity of this scholarship.

Through the institution’s website, they can be contacted for enquiries and questions. Their email address is clearly visible as well and interested persons can send an email to or See details and apply.

Applicants should apply since the closing date for the scholarship is yet t be released.


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