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2021 UK Scholarship at the University of Gloucestershire

Do you want to study in the United Kingdom? Here is your chance. The 2021 UK Scholarship at the university of Gloucestershire offers $3,000 scholarship funding for qualified and selected students.

The University was created in 2001 to support students in their quest to achieve quality education. It is done much more by helping students actualize their full potentials.

Who can apply for this scholarship

As a precondition for this scholarship, it is expected that all applicants obtain a letter of admission into the university’s IG or PG programme to be eligible for the scholarship.

The high school diploma and bachelor degree score must be at least 60% and it must be from a reputable university.

English language proficiency is also a prerequisite for this scholarship. Applicants are required to submit their IELTS scores which must not be less than 6.0. The IELTS tests the ability of applicants to understand and communicate in English language because English is not the native language of many international students.

IELTS tests are not tied to the UK scholarship at the university of Gloucestershire alone. Internationally, they are recognized for English proficiency testing. Applicants can take the test from any location at accredited centers and obtain a score which then be presented in the application.

How to apply for this scholarship

Students are to create an account and login to the portal of the university online.  After creating an account, they can select the “my application” option to begin the process. When this is done there is no extra application process involved. Applicants that are qualified will be selected for the scholarship programme

The University of Gloucestershire

Most international students want to be supported when they gain admission in to a new institution. However, the support that they seek is not often available in many institutions. But if they are fortunate enough to gain scholarship into the University of Gloucestershire, they will enjoy support from the university in many ways.

Globally, the University is ranked in the top 30 university doing well in curses, lecturers and student support. This is based on a report by Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2018). Perhaps that is why more international students are applying for the scholarship programme every year.

Further statistics and findings showed that after graduation, graduates of the University of Gloucestershire got good employment or furthered their studies. The percentage was as high as 95% for the university, a great record that students love. Since it has a good record of student support, it is a major destination for international students.

Benefits of this scholarship for International Students

You should take advantage of this scholarship because of the benefits below:

Get funding for your desired academic degree.

Many undergraduates are interested in seeking higher academic qualifications but funds are often the problem. If they are able to access this scholarship their dreams will come to reality because the programme supports international students irrespective of their race, religion or gender.

Quality learning and education

You will be studying in a prestigious university like the University of Gloucestershire which is reputed for academic excellence and scholarship.

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