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2021 Ufahamu Africa Non-Resident Fellowship

Ufahamu welcomes application from interested professionals for the 2021 Ufahamu Africa non-resident Fellowship.

There is no better time fr this all imprtant fellowship than now because of the many chalenges facing the African continent.

The program is scheduled to run from September 2021 to May 2022. Also, the goal of the programme is to promote narrative about the African continent. Being a journal fr African related issues Ufahamu wants to unite voices in the pod casting and content creation industry to form a formidable force for change in the African continent, This is because working together works better.

It is a great opportunity for applicants to network and build partnerships with other professionals in related fields. By bringing these like minds together for an impactful fellowship, there will be greater solutions and collaborations for Africans.

The programme is important because not all narrative about the African continent is important. With the right analysis and narratives, the continent can benefit more from skilled professionals like journalists, practitioners, podcasters and others.

All you need to know about Ufamahu

Ufamahu is not new to the African continent. It has been contributing to shaping the African narrative as well over the years. The journal of African studies is hte brainchild of Ufahamu because they run and operate it through a peer review academic journal at the University of Carlifornia in Los Angeles. The idea originated from the African Activist Association as far back as the 1970s. The word by which is now commonly known refers to “understanding or comprehension”.

Who can apply
Application is open to political analysts, journalist, video creators and other content creators that contribute to the African narrative because they have direct access to the public.

1 To be eligible to apply, applicants must have proven experience in researching and content dissemination since that is what the fellowship is all about.

2 Applicants must be committed to an open access knowledge dissemination which is considered very efficient.

3. Applicants must have experience in engaging the public or policy makers through their content.

4 They should have demonstrated ability to build support the research capacity of universities, the media and other institutions in Africa.

They must be proficient in spoken and written English. They must also be good public speakers.

It is required that all applicants submit a research proposal. It should be clear and innovative.

There will be special preference for female applicants and those that are familiar with the Ufahamu Africa pod cast and general pod casting.

Group applications are also welcomed from teams for the 2021 Ufahamu Africa Non-Resident Fellowship.  This programme will receive only 4 fellows for the fellowship programme which will run between September 2021 and May 2022.

How to apply
If you meet all the requirements as outlined above, send an email to However, do not apply if you do nt meet these requirements since it is strictly for those in the industry.

The documents to be sent to the Email address include; One page personal statement, Curriculum vitae

Personal Statement
A personal statement captures the reasons behind your interest. It should include your initials and other details that explain who you are and you reason for applying for this fellowship programme. It should be a honest statement because passion is required to achieve the goals in view.

2 page podcast proposal

This programme requires a 2 page podcast proposal that you feel can be executed during the fellowship. It should be on a topic that is relevant to the condition of the African continent and can contribute to selected topical issues in the continent.

Voice note
You may attach audio file of public media to your application but this is not compulsory.

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