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2021 Shell Student Industrial Training

Shell student Industrial Training

The Shell student industrial training program is an avenue for undergraduates in higher institutions in Nigeria to gain reasonable work experience. As an intern at Shell, you can be sure of hands-on job experience right from day one of your employment. This is because you will be privileged to work with experienced professionals in your chosen field of study. In fact, at the end of the program, you will look back and be glad, because of the insightful and invaluable skills you will gain during this program.

However, just as the saying goes, “The perfect time is the right time” The Shell student internship program requires that you apply at the right time. This is for so many reasons. One of which is because the program is very competitive. I mean, who doesn’t want to intern in an oil company. And not just any oil company, a multinational one.

Therefore, if you are hoping to be a part of the shell family for IT, you can count on this article to provide all the information you need as regards the subject. In this article, we will be discussing vividly what you should know about Shell, the application process, the perks and benefits, and several other things you should know.

What you should know about Shell Nigeria?

Shell Nigeria Gas Ltd. Is fully owned by Shell, and they incorporated them in the year 1988. This incorporation gave Shell Nigeria, the downstream distribution right of gas to industries in Nigeria. The mission of SNG is to provide their manufacturing and industrial customers with a clean, reliable, low-cost alternative to liquid fuel. Also, to assist in the building of a stronger Nigeria economy.

As of the time of this article, shell Nigeria operates a world-class gas transmission and distribution network of well over 138km. They have several distribution systems across the nation. This includes Agbara-Ota in Ogun state, Aba cluster in Abia state, and the Portharcourt cluster in Rivers.

As we all know that growth is essential, Shell Nigeria is in a growth phase, and they recently increased their gas production to over 150%. In fact, their gas distribution network is capable of distributing over 150 mmscf/d of dry processed gas to over 300 industrial customers.

Furthermore, as at present Shell Nigeria has over 100 industrial customers that are connected to their gas grids. In addition, they also have a strong relationship with virtual pipeline operators that are keen on developing compressed natural gas and mini-LNG grids across Nigeria.

Shell Nigeria’s operations directly impact the Nigerian populace through their direct social investments in education, road safety, and community health. Asides from this, Shell has built a reputation for itself in safety and credibility. In fact, they are the only gas distribution company whose facility is ISO 14001:2015 certified.

How does Shell Industrial training work?

Similar to other industrial training, the shell Industrial training program spans for a period of 6 months. This program is open to undergraduates from different tertiary institutions in Nigeria, and it aims at equipping University and Polytechnic undergraduates with relevant skills. Also, to familiarize them with the Modus operandi of the Industrial setup. Furthermore, as an Intern at Shell Nigeria, you can be sure of gaining tangible work experience relevant to your field of study. In addition, this program will also enhance your Skillset. This includes time management, creativity, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and every other important skill that you need to gain.

During this internship program, Shell Nigeria will assess your ability for investigation, basic leadership, etc. In addition, you will also have a mid-term audit with your supervisor and manager. Furthermore, after the internship program, your overall performance could land you a full-time job. For this reason, we advise that you give your all to the course of this program.

List of Eligible courses for Shell Industrial Training

  • Engineering
  • Earth Sciences (Geophysics and Geography)
  • Medical sciences
  • Social sciences

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Shell Industrial Training?

To be eligible for the Shell Industrial training program, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • You must be enrolled full time in a tertiary institution in Nigeria (University or Polytechnic)
  • As an applicant, you must have authorization from your Academic institution to participate in the program

What are the required documents?

To be eligible for the Shell Nigeria industrial Training you must possess the following documents:

  • Your full name
  • A scanned copy of an official letter from your institution
  • Your contact details. This includes your mobile number, Email Address, and Home address.
  • Current cumulative Grade Point Average Point (CGPA) or Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Your Student Identity Card showing your matriculation number
  • Course of Study
  • Name of Institution
  • Required duration or period of Internship

How do I apply for the Shell Nigeria Industrial Training Program?

Applying for the Shell Nigeria program is hassles free and seamless. All you have to do is follow these procedures:

  1. Before you can apply for this program, you must possess a valid email account
  2. As an applicant, if you meet the eligibility requirement and you possess the necessary documents, you can apply via: Africarecruitment@shell.com

Your Email Content must include:

  • Your Name
  • The Name of your institution of study
  • Matriculation Number/Student Identity Card Number
  • Course of study
  • The required duration of your internship program
  • Your contact details
  • Current cumulative Grade Point Average Point (CGPA) or Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • A scanned copy of an official letter from your institution

How much do Interns get paid?

As an Intern with Shell Nigeria, you can be sure of financial compensation monthly for your service. They will pay you around #40,000 – #50,000 to cater to your personal needs.

How long does it take to be hired for Shell Industrial Training?

The fact is, we can’t really say. This decision is for the management of Shell to make. But, in most cases, you should be hired a month or two after your application.

In fact, it might not even be up to that. But it is important to know that you must submit your application 3 months before the proposed start date. Also, note that industrial training opportunities hinges upon business needs, and the slots are quite limited.

What does Shell look for in Applicants?

Shell Nigeria believes that the right candidate must possess the right selection criteria which they call CAR. This is capacity, Achievement, Relationship skills.


Shell Nigeria believes that as the standout candidate you must possess intellectual, creative, and analytical ability to absorb information quickly. In addition, they expect you to be able to identify issues, make judgments, and propose solutions.


Shell Nigeria expects that you must have resilience, enthusiasm as well as great confidence. In short, you must be someone that can always get things done.

Relationship Skills:

If you are one with the ability and character to work on a team, then you are the perfect candidate for Shell Nigeria.

What are the benefits of the Shell Industrial Training Program?

As you already know, Shell Nigeria is one of the biggest multinational oil and gas companies in Nigeria. Having your industrial Training program with them will open you to lots of opportunities. Not only this, but there are also several benefits you will derive from these.

In fact, by the end of your industrial training, you must have become a professional in your area of specialization. This is because you would have learned how to work together with people as a team and tackle any kind of problem effectively.

Here are some additional benefits:

Work Experience:

In fact, this is one of the major reasons they design Industrial Training. To help students gain first-hand experience working as a professional. In addition to also help students apply technical knowledge to real-time situations.

As an Intern at Shell Nigeria, you can be sure of gaining first-hand experience relating to your area of specialization. Not only this, you will have the opportunity to apply your technical knowledge to real-life situations.

An advantage in the Job Market:

As you already know, the Nigerian job market is very competitive. To stand out of the crowd, you must possess the relevant skillet and also have tangible years of experience. The Shell Nigeria Internship program is an opportunity to gain transferrable skills and work experience that will give you an edge in the job market.


Basically, the Shell Nigeria program will serve as an avenue for you to meet different people from various fields of study. As you already know, your Network is your Net worth. The people you meet at Shell Nigeria will help you build a strong Network base that will help fast-track your career growth.

Financial Compensation:

Shell Nigeria’s Internship programs are paid. In fact, they are one of the few organizations in Nigeria that pay their intern well. During your internship, they will pay you a stipend of  #40,000 – #50,000 for your personal upkeep.

In addition to the above benefits, you will also

  • Gain more insights into your career to support your choice of specialization
  • Your general business/industry understanding will improve immensely
  • Access to the quality health care system
  • As an intern, you will have access to Shell Nigeria’s residential area. (Gym, Swimming pool and different sport and games)
  • Free Transportation
  • Access to the organization’s cafeteria.

Other things you should know

What is Industrial Training?

Industrial Training is a program designed for undergraduates, and it offers an excellent practical training opportunity within a specified time frame. In addition, it will also expose and prepare them for the industrial work situation they may face after graduation.

 Private organizations, as well as government parastatals, provide this opportunity for undergraduates in Nigeria Universities and Polytechnics.

Furthermore, the Industrial Training program is aimed at providing students with significant skills, practical knowledge, and motivation to become a professional in their chosen area of specialization. In most organizations, this program usually spans 12-14 weeks.

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Organizations involved in the management of Industrial Training/SIWES program and their roles

Here is a list of organizations involved in the management of the Industrial training program:

  • The Federal Government
  • ITF (Industrial Training Fund)
  • Supervisory Agency (NUC, NABTEB, etc)

Federal Government:

The roles of the Federal Government regards their involvement in the Industrial Training program includes:

  • Provision of enough funds to the ITF through the Federal Ministry of Industry
  • To make it compulsory for all ministries, parastatals, and companies to offer students placements. This is in accordance with the provisions of Decree No 47 of 1970, as amended in 1990.
  • Formulation of several policies to ensure the smooth running of the Industrial Training Scheme

Industrial Training Fund:

  • Organize an orientation program for all students prior to their attachment
  • Provision of Logistic materials needed to administer the scheme
  • Supervision of students on Industrial attachment
  • Formulate policies and guidelines
  • Acceptance and processing of Master and placement lists from institutions and supervising agencies
  • Vetting of Students’ logbook and ITF form 8

Supervisory Agency:

  • Vetting and approval of master and placement lists of students from participating tertiary institutions.
  • Directing for the appointment of a full-time SIWES coordinator/director
  • Review programs qualified for SIWES on a daily basis
  • Participation in Biennial SIWES conferences and seminars with ITF

Are Industrial Training Placement Paid?

It is important to note that industrial placement is mandatory, but payment is not. In fact, getting paid during your internship program depends solely on the organization you work for.

However, should you not receive any payment for the service you render, the Federal Government through ITF will offer you reimbursement to cover your expenses. In most cases, they will pay you a total sum of fifteen thousand Naira (15,000).

Conclusion: Shell Student Industrial Training

As an undergraduate, the Shell Nigeria Industrial Training is a good way to harness yourself with the right skills and to familiarize yourself with the industrial setup. As we have listed in the article, there are several opportunities and benefits you will derive from this program. Therefore, if you meet the eligibility and document requirements, you can proceed to apply.



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