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2021 Robert Goddard International Awards at Clark University

The 2021 Robert Goddard International Awards at Clark University is a opportunity for new undergraduates in the University to earn scholarships that will take care of most of their financial needs during their study in the United States.

The scholarship is for incoming students that display intelligence and academic excellence in their respective disciplines. Education in the University goes beyond the classroom so other factors will be consider for the award of this scholarship.

About Clark University

Sinc1887 when it was funded Clark University in the United States have been proving to be a center of learning and research for many years.

This is reflected in its quality of academic programs that are offered there.

The University has an average student satisfaction of 87%. It is reputable for courses like social science, psychology, biological science


Successful applicants will receive a scholarship of $68,000 which will be for their four years period oof study. The award will not be paid at once. Every year, they will get $17,000 irrespective of their financial status. However, there are certain yearly continuation requirements that students must met to enjoy the scholarship for the fur years period.

Benefits of this 2021 Robert Goddard International Awards at Clark University

Opportunity to study is a world class University

The 2021 Robert Goddard International Award at Clark University gives the opportunity for incoming students in Clark University to study in a world class university. Clark University is world class because of its advanced facilitates and it has high qualified staffs. They will contribute to research and bring relevant ideas to bear in molding their students.  

Funds for tuition

Irrespective of the financial stats of applicants, they can enjoy the huge financial reward that comes with the scholarship. If they meet all the requirement and are selected, they will receive the fund based on the arrangement in place. This is certain because the system is fair and equitable.

Who can Apply for This Scholarship?

  • The scholarship is for students that have been admitted to the University and are undergraduates.
  • It is an international scholarship so applicants can be from any country or nation.
  • A high school diploma is required for all applicants to be eligible to apply.

However, since the scholarship is for international students, foreigners who do not have English as their native language are required to submit the official report from their Official TOEFL, IELTS score. Application for this scholarship formally closes on the 15th of November 2021

 How to apply for this scholarship

This scholarship will be available to all incoming students to the university. Once the university has offered a student an admission, they are entitled to apply to this scholarship opportunity. If they make it, they will enjoy all the awards associated with it

The factors that determine who gets selected for the scholarship are many. This is because it is an international scholarship. Getting all the required scores for the tests is not an assurance that an applicant will get the scholarship.

Therefore all the other requirements as outlined above should be considered and duly followed because they are necessary for the scholarship.

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