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2021 RMIT University Pathway to Victoria International Scholarship

The University of Australia is inviting interested applicants for the 2021 RMIT University Pathway to Victoria International Scholarship.

As typical of most international scholarship, it is required that applicants have an offer of admission to the institution in view to be eligible for the scholarship programme.

This scholarship is considered a pathway to Victoria International Scholarship because of its emphasis on helping international students’ study to acquire degrees and qualifications of their choice. It operates a transparent process which provides an equal opportunity for applicants that want a scholarship.

RMIT University, Australia

There are many reasons why RMIT University is a popular destination for international students from around the world. One of the reasons is that it ranks number 18 globally for universities that are below 50 years old. Also,
it prides itself as a global university of technology, design and enterprise.

There are diverse areas of discipline and scholars that are vast in those areas are there, ready to train and nurture global minds.

Through the 2021 RMIT University Pathway to Victoria International Scholarship, international students will obtain global knowledge. There are no fewer than 18,000 international students that are currently students of the RMIT University. Originally it was known as the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology because of its primary emphasis on research.

Benefits of 2021 RMIT University Scholarship


International funding for your educational career can be a reality through this scholarship programme.

Quality education

Masters and other degree qualification for a wide range of courses are available as well to provide knowledge and professional skills for successful awardees.


All international students do not remain in the location of their studies after their scholarship programme is completed.  But when they return to their host countries to share what they have learnt, they can get support from the country where they had their scholarship.

Who can apply for this scholarship

The requirement will be strict because it is an international scholarship.
Applicants have accepted packaged pathway letter of off of admission which indicates their progress to vocational or higher education? The programme contained in your offer letter must have commenced in July 2021 or will commence later.

The programme in view must commence between February 2022 and July 2023.
Student visas must be ready at the time of application. Also, applicants must not be current students of RMIT to be eligible for this scholarship.

This scholarship programme is designed to award scholarship to people with sterling academic performances since it aims at training and helping them apply what they learnt to build their careers and society.
International students can apply for bachelors degree or master degree in relevant disciplines available in the institution that they are applying to. The scholarship award for successful applicants is AU$2500. All interested applicants should apply because there is no stipulated number of awards to be given for 2021.

How to apply
Firstly, apply online for any of the following programmes in the institution: advance diploma, diploma. undergraduate degrees, master’s degree.
When an offer letter is received applicants can then proceed to apply for this scholarship opportunity.

Applications for the RMIT University programmes and the scholarship is available online. This is because it seeks greater access for international students.

Apply now because the number of students to be awarded the scholarship is not known.

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