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2021 Presidential Scholarships at Drake University in the USA

There is a scholarship opportunity in the United States of America for undergraduates students through the 2021 Presidential Scholarships at Drake University. Successful applicants that meet all the criteria set by the organizing body will earn as much as $25,000 scholarship to study at Drake University in the USA.

There is no fixed amount for the scholarship but it ranges from $21,000 to $25,000 yearly to meet up with the cost of the academic program that the applicant wants to study at Drake University.

Experience education at its best by joining the challenge to earn this 2021 Presidential Scholarships at Drake University. The school has one of the best facilities and the right environment for learning and it will build the all-round development of a person to be able to offer top-notch 21st century solutions.

Benefits of Applying to the 2021 Presidential Scholarships at Drake University

Personal Development
Learning in an environment that exposes you to the current issues in your discipline, international scholars and all the vast facilities that you can imagine and academic research resources will build your skills.

Your personal development will make you an international problem solver because of vast ideas that can match the challenges in your local society. You will meet international students and acquire priceless skills and values.

Educational and career development
Learning in a world class facility has many benefits. You will have the opportunity to conveniently complete your academic program in one of the best universities in the US. Your career goals will be achieved when you apply for the 2021 Presidential Scholarships at Drake University.

$25,000 will be offered to the successful applicants yearly to enable them meetup with all the they need to enjoy a comfortable stay in the US while studying at Drake University.

About Drake University in the United States of America

Drake University is a prestigious private University that was instituted in 1881. The University has enrolled over 2000 undergraduates. The campus spans across 150 acres of land. The University is listed and ranks high in the 2021 edition of the Best Colleges is National Universities because of its high standard.

Who can apply for this scholarship?
To apply, you must be a first year student at Drake University that has been accepted by the University.

All applicants must provide their SAT/ACT scores
Also, all applicants must also provide scores from the following w ad they must get the minimum of the stated scores; TOEFL IBT – 71, 1ELTS – 6.0, Duoligo – 95.

Examinations that applicants must pass:
Three main examinations can make interested applicants become eligible for this scholarship.

The Duolingo English Test is a tool designed to test your modern language proficiency. IT is meant for international students and institutions. The score obtained at the end of the test will show the proficiency level of each candidate. It includes an English proficiency test, video interview and an assessment of the candidate’s writing capacity.

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to help applicants to live in an English-speaking country. The target English-speaking countries often have English as their official language.

This test is offered at authorized centers and it is a computer-based test for English proficiency. It tests one seeking, reading, listening and writing skills.
Most of these exams can be done in Nigeria at approved centers. There are coaching programs to guide users ahead of the test.

How to apply for 2021 Presidential Scholarships at Drake University

To apply for the 2021 Presidential Scholarships at Drake University of $25,000 undergraduates must have been accepted to study any of the following; athletic training, law and pharmacy.

The application closes on the 1st of December 2021. It is an international scholarship open to all undergraduates. The number of undergraduates to be awarded scholarships have not been announced.

The application can be made online on the website. Start your application now




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