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The 2021 NLNG SIWES internship is an initiative by Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas. It is an opportunity for undergraduates of tertiary institutions in Nigeria to acquire industrial skills and also experience world-class work culture from experienced professionals in the organization.

Furthermore, the NLNG internship grants successful candidates exposure to best practices that will drive and inspire them to aim for excellence. In fact, all the skills you gain as an intern during this program will serve you well in life.

In this article, we will give a detailed overview of the NLNG SIWES internship. This will include what you should know about NLNG, the eligibility requirements, and some frequently asked questions that can help make your application process seamless.

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What you should know about NLNG


Many people who are not familiar with the name NLNG often ask, “What is the meaning of NLNG?” Basically, NLNG means Nigeria’s Liquefied Natural Gas. NLNG is a major player when it comes to the global LNG business. They were incorporated as a Limited Liability Company on May 17, 1989. This was to harness the Nation’s vast natural gas resources and also to produce Liquefied Natural gas and Natural Gas Liquids for exportation.

Over the years, right from its inception in 1989, NLNG has achieved several feats. As of today, they have a total capacity of 22 Million Tons Per annum (mtpa) and 5mtpa of Natural Gas Liquids. These are from their 6 train plant complex.

Furthermore, they have 16 long-term Sale and Purchase Agreements (SPAs) with over 10 buyers and they also control about 6 percent of the global NLNG trade. NLNG has a proven track record of resilient performance and unswerving profitability.

It is the mission of this great company to produce and deliver Liquefied Natural Gas and Natural Gas liquids to buyers safely, reliably, and profitably. This they believe will grow the organization as well as its people to their fullest potential. Furthermore, the vision of NLNG Company is to help build a better Nigeria. To achieve this, NLNG will utilize the Nations gas resources and help to put flares, thus diversifying the economy and cleaning up the environment.

How does the NLNG SIWES Internship work?

The NLNG SIWES internship is a 6-month program specifically designed for an undergraduate of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It is an opportunity to acquire industry related skills and also have the chance to work the best in the Nigeria Oil and Gas industry.

Before you can be brought on board for this program, you will have to go through an Aptitude test. This will contain Maths, English, and Current Affairs. If you are successful in the aptitude test, they will contact you. However, you must be careful of fraudulent activities, because some fraudsters pose as NLNG agents.

Eligible courses for the 2021 NLNG SIWES Internship?

To be eligible for the 2021 NLNG SIWES internship you must have studied Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Engineering/Science, petroleum Engineering, etc.) Or Social Sciences. This includes Business Administration, Accounting, etc.)  Also, related disciplines can also apply.

What are the required documents for the 2021 NLNG SIWES Internship?

Here are some of the required documents you need to possess to be eligible for this internship program.

  • A valid student Identity Card
  • SIWES letter
  •  A curriculum Vitae
  • Your recent passport photograph

Applications for the 2021 NLNG SIWES internship are scrutinized by the recruitment panel. They will disqualify individuals with incorrect or falsified details. Therefore, we advise that you provide them with authentic and accurate details. Additionally, we advise that you use a formal email in your application. This must most preferable be your fullname@gmail.com, avoid using fancy emails such as tosintwist2020@gmail.com

What is the Application deadline for the 2021 NLNG SIWES Internship?

The NLNG internship is not open at the moment. The first batch of interns were admitted in January and February. However, it is important to note that the 2nd and 3rd batch will soon commence. The 2nd batch is usually in July and August and the third batch around October and November. Please note that the decisions are subject to change as the management of NLNG has the final say.

How do I apply for the 2021 NLNG SIWES Internship?

  • Visit the official website of NLNG to start your application.
  • Once on the page, click the Register for SIWES
  • Fill in all the required documents, and note all fields in red as they are mandatory.
  • Choose a username and password. Preferably one with a lower case, upper case and a special character.
  • Agree to the privacy statement. Click on Register
  • Immediately you have done this a form will appear. Fill in all the required information. This includes your Educational details, Geopolitical zone, date of birth, etc.
  • Add the required attachments. These are your passport photographs, and other important documents.
  • Once you are done. Use the Next Button till you arrive at the Complete Application.
  • Click send in Application Now to complete your registration.

What are the ways to easily secure an IT Placement?

Most students find it difficult to secure an industrial training placement because they do not have the experience to navigate through this process. Although this might not be the only reason, as limited slots can also be a determinant. Nonetheless by using the tips below we believe it will be an easy ride for you.

  • Start Early:

There is nothing bad in shooting your shot few weeks to the commencement of your SIWES. Many students are fond of waiting till the commencement time before they start sending in their applications. This is not only wrong, but might also hinder you from securing a spot. Therefore, new advise that you start early.

  • Focus on the Knowledge and not the pay:

Many students are after the payment. Although money is important, this should not be the only prerequisite. Knowledge should. Therefore, we advise that you do not reject placements because the money is too little. You never know this can be an opportunity to land a full-time role later on.

  • Send you application to firms that are in your discipline niche:

When seeking placements, we advise that you send your application to firms that offer related services to your discipline. Not everyone will land an oil company placement, and not everyone is fit to work there. Therefore, we advise that you focus your energy on companies that are interested in your area of specialization.


The 2021 NLNG SIWES Internship is currently not open. They recently closed the application for the first batch. However, it is important to note that they will soon start applications for the 2nd batch which will commence in July. Also, there will be the 3rd batch, but this will be later in the year. To be more precise around October and November.




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