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2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme

If your aim of being on this page is to learn more about the IKEDC Young Engineers Programme, then you are on the right track. In this article, we will be discussing all that you need to know about the IKEDC YEP program. This includes the eligibility requirements, registration processes, and every other thing you need to know for the currently open program. You can count on this article to serve as a guide.

To start with, the 2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme is a training program initiated by Ikeja Electricity Distribution company popularly known as IKEDC. They design this program to improve the capacity of successful graduate trainees in the organization and also to help them build the capacity of technical manpower with requisite skills and competencies. This they believe will help the trainees manage and sustain the infrastructural development and growth of the organization.

Furthermore, the main objective of this program is to ensure the proper transference of technical skills from the organizations technical experienced Engineers to the trainees. IKEDC believes that this is the only way they can remain relevant to the needs of their customers and guaranteeing them better services.

What you should know about IKEDC

The Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) is one of the biggest players in the Nigerian power industry. As of the time of this article, they own and operate the largest power distribution network in the Nation. Furthermore, they are a customer-focused organization that is committed to empowering the lives and businesses of their customers. They achieve this through innovation and efficient distribution of sustainable power.

2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme

In the year 2013, IKEDC started a new phase of growth and expansion. This was immediately after the handover of the defunct Power Holding Company of Nigeria popularly known as PHCN. They partnered with Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) which generates about 84,000MW in capacity.

This partnership has positioned Ikeja Electricity to effectively drive its commitment to deliver an efficient and sustainable power supply. This they achieve through investments in new technology, infrastructure upgrade, and human capital development.

Today, IKEDC has well over 1 million customers who they are committed to serve with a new spirit, drive and energy. In fact, this resolve continues to elicit their passion for service excellence and new thinking on how they can empower lives and business across the IKEDC network.

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How does the 2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Program work?

The 2021 edition of the IKEDC Young Engineers Program is not so different from other editions. As we have earlier stated, this training program is an initiative by IKEDC. The goal of the training is to help participants build capacity, technical manpower, skills, and competencies that are needed to sustain the infrastructural development of IKEDC.

As a trainee, IKEDC will assign you, supervisors, during the course of this program. The supervisors will act as your mentor, and they will guide your developmental process. Furthermore, this program will include both classroom and practical field practice experience, and it will last for a period of 12 months (1 year).

The classroom session holds at the IKEDC training center in Ikeja Business unit, and the field practice where you will acquire on-the-job experience will be across the Ikeja Electricity network.

What are the eligibility requirements for the 2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme?

  • Preferably you must be a fresh graduate from any University in Nigeria with not more than 2 years of experience.
  • You must be highly intelligent, hardworking, and must possess the ability to apply common sense in analyzing and resolving problem
  • Compulsorily you must have completed your NYSC
  • Minimum of or, preferably Degree in Engineering, in one of the following disciplines Electrical Engineering and Electronics Engineering
  • You must not be more than 27 years of age as of December 2020.

How do I apply for the 2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme?

Registration for the IKEDC YEP is a straightforward process. For this purpose, IKEDC has created a platform for you to apply. If you are eligible and want to apply for the IKEDC Young Engineers Programme, kindly follow these steps:

  • Visit this link
  • Once you are on the page, scroll down till you see two buttons tagged Apply and Return
  • Click on the Apply button.
  • If you do this correctly, once you click on the Apply button, they will redirect you to a BioData form page.
  •  On the Bio data page, IKEDC will require that you supply your personal information. This includes your Names, Date of Birth, Resume, phone number, Academic details, etc.
  • Input all these essential details carefully.
  • Once you complete inputting your data, click on the Submit button
  • Upon submission, they will send you an email notifying you of the success of your application.

Key Responsibilities at the 2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme.

 If successful, IKED expects that you work within the power distribution sector. You will do this with experienced engineers to enhance your Skillset and experience. This is so that you can become a competent and effective professional Engineer within the power sector. In addition, and also to provide you with challenging job opportunities.

How long does it take to be hired for the 2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme?

This management of IKED determines this process. But, all things being equal, we expect that if successful they should contact you in the space of one month after your application. If you do not get a response within this period, it is likely that your application is not successful. But before making conclusions, ensure that you check your Email properly. It could be that you missed the mail.

What are the benefits of the 2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme?

You will gain Valuable work Experience:

The IKEDC Young Engineers Programme is an opportunity for you to gain industry hands-on experience that are not taught in the university. During these 12 months, you will be engaged with both the practical and theoretical aspects of your specialization. Also, you will learn all the transferrable skills that are required to thrive in the work environment.

Build your Network:

The fact is, the job market is very competitive, and the network you build today will be your Net worth later on. They will serve as the connection you need to land that dream job, get career advice, and many more. The IKEDC Young Engineers Programme will afford you the privilege to meet different people from various walks of life and areas of specialization. We, therefore, advise that you make good use of this connection, it might be the difference that your career needs.

An avenue to develop your skills

As an intern in this notable firm, it is very certain that this program will help in enhancing your soft and hard skills. This includes your communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and many others.

Conclusion: 2021 IKEDC Young Engineers Programme

IKEDC is still taking applications for the Young Engineers Programme. If you meet the eligibility requirements, do not hesitate to seize this opportunity. You can leverage the instructions in the How to Apply section when registering. Apply Here




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