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2021 High Point University scholarship

If you are looking forward to a USA scholarship, then you should apply for the 2021 High Point University Scholarship designed to help international students to acquire world class education in their chosen fields.

The first thing that often comes to mind when students seek to study in a foreign university is the fees. If the applicant is coming from a developing country the cost may be too high. In some cases, international students are reported to have dropped out before the completion of their programmes because they cannot afford it. But with a scholarship like the 2021 High Point University Scholarship, international students may find it ally easier.

There is a lot to gain in studying at the High Point University. The value of the scholarship award is $5000 per year for the undergraduate degree programme for international students. While applications are being accepted, the total number of awardees are not known.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

To be eligible for this scholarship programme applicants must meet the following requirements.

A high school certificate and a good academic record.

When converted to the American scale (4.0) international students  must have a higher  GPA, 3.0 unweighted.

Applicants are expected to meet all the admission requirements of High Point University.
Application for this scholarship closes on November 1, 2021

How to apply for the admission

To be eligible for this scholarship interested applicants are to first obtain admission into the undergraduate degree of the university. When they have gotten the admission, they can apply for the scholarship.

The admission is essential to qualify you for this scholarship so follow these guidelines to apply for the admission first before considering the scholarship.

Visit the official portal and complete the application online and submit. Below is the link where you can access the application form for submission. This is just the first step to completing the entire process.

Upload your official high school transcript to the common app as part of the requirement. You can request for it from your counselor and send to the office. Note that the closing date for application applies only to online application.

Submit the counselor report form (ask your counselor to do so) through the Common App after completion.

Send results of the SAT or ACT test result to the undergraduate admission office at High Point University. The code for SAT is 5293 while that of ACT is 3108. However, please note that the university considers tests as optional.

The university is also interested in knowing more about you through the ZeeMee app that enables you to upload photos and videos that share mote information abut you and your ideals. Get the app and upload relevant photos and videos then share the link in your application. Links from your other web [ages are welcomed as well. CLICK TO APPLY

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