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2021 GTB Internship – All you should know

If you are on this page, then you wish to know more about the 2021 GTB internship program. Should that be the case, you are on the right track. In this article, we will explicitly discuss all that you need to know about the 2021 GTB Internship program. This includes how you can go about the application process, the eligibility requirements, documents required, amongst several other things you need to know.

To start with, the GTB internship is an opportunity to work with an organization that encourages learning, passion is rewarded, and where you can develop skills. In fact, Guarantee Trust Bank places its emphasis on growing talents. This is why their internship program is one of the best in the Nation.

The 2021 GTB Internship affords you the opportunity to gather technical expertise and personal skills that will help you make an impact in your career. In addition, you will also benefit from the vital on-the-job experience. In fact, by no doubt, this program is a great way for you to explore the career choice that is ahead of you.

About GTB

In Nigeria, Guarantee Trust Bank is one of the oldest and strongest bank. They are a multifunctional institution that provides individuals, business, private and public institutions with a wide array of financial products and services.

Furthermore, they have headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, and with their subsidiaries in other countries. This includes Cote D’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Sierra Leone, and the United Kingdom. As of the time of this article GTB currently has over 12, 000 professionals and they have a total asset and shareholders’ Fund of N4.057 Trillion and N661.1Billion respectively.

At GTBank they constantly strive to create the best results for their customers and communities. Their strong service culture, efficient management. World-class corporate governance standards and bias for innovation have made them maintain the year-on-year growth. In fact, they are also passionate champions and enduring patrons of a wide range of social responsibilities. They channel these responsibilities towards improving access to education, community development, promoting Arts, etc.

Furthermore, as a Proudly African and Truly International Institution, GTB is fully invested in powering Africa’s progress. They are at the forefront of promoting enterprise and empowering small businesses. This includes the GTB food and drink festival and the fashion weekend. They aim these programs at driving the growth of Africa’s fashion and food industries.

The Vision of this elite organization is to become a platform for enriching lives. They plan to achieve this by building strong, value-adding relationships with their customers, shareholders, and communities in which they operate.

How does GTB Internship Program work?

As you already know, they aimed the GTB internship program at grooming young talents and providing them with opportunities. These opportunities will help them explore their strengths, discover themselves, and make an impact in the environment. In addition, it will also be an opportunity to be exposed to the corporate world. The GTB internship program for graduates and undergraduates spans between 3 -12 months.

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What are the eligibility requirements for 2021 GTB internship?

To register for the GTB internship program, you must satisfy all the following criteria:

Graduate Trainee:

  • Be a graduate with a minimum of second class lower division from any accredited university in Nigeria.
  • You must have completed the compulsory NYSC and possess your NYSC discharge certificate
  • Have a minimum of 5 credits including Mathematics and English at only two sittings
  • You must not be over 26 years of age at the time of application


  • You must be qualified for the SIWES internship programme.
  • Have a minimum of 5 credits including Mathematics and English at no more than two sittings
  • You must be an undergraduate of any accredited tertiary institution in Nigeria.

What are the required documents?

Before you can apply for the GTB internship program, you must be in possession of the following documents. These are:

  • Birth Certificate
  • NYSC discharge certificate for graduates
  • Academic transcript. This must show your class of degree or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)
  • Recent passport photograph
  • A valid means of Identification. This can be your NIMC slip, voter’s card. National Identity card or Driver’s license.
  • They will require you to have two guarantors. These guarantors will have to fill a form attesting they know you, and they will also have to attach their work identity cards.

GTBank Internship Application process:

The GTBank Internship application process is in 5 stages. To be recruited as an intern, you will have to succeed in all 5 stages. Here are the 5 stages of GTB internship application:

Computer Based Assessment:

Upon the verification of your documents to certify that you are eligible, GTB will send you an invitation. This invite will contain a link to a computer-based assessment. Basically, this assessment comprises Verbal reasoning, Logical reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Data Interpretation.

Pre-Interview Documentation:

If you are successful in the assessment, they will invite you for an informal chat. This will be with the Human Resource department, and they will request you to provide evidence of relevant qualifications. In addition, they may also ask you to write an essay.

Panel Interview:

After the pre-interview session, the next stage is the panel interview. If you make it to this stage, they will test your competency. The stage is basically competency-based. What they require of you in this stage is to show your key capabilities and also show the qualities and skills they require.

Final Interview:

If you get to this stage, then the promised land is not far anymore. You are close to landing yourself an internship role at GTB. Basically, this stage is a one-on-one interview. This will be with a member of the Executive Management Team. Ensure to prepare well and also show your passion and knowledge of the Industry. This will prove to the management that you are well aware of the organization.

Entry Level Training Scheme:

Congratulations! If you get to this stage, you deserve it. Basically, for graduates, if you make it to this stage, GTB will offer you an ELP (Entry Level Program). This will be for four months and it will be an intensive training where they will test you on practical, social and technical aspects of banking. After the 4 months, if you perform excellently they will absorb you into the bank.

For undergraduates, if you excel at the final interview, they will send you an offer letter stating your start and end date of the internship. In addition, this offer will also contain everything that pertains to the internship program.

How do I apply for the GTB Internship 2021?

GTB application processes are completed on a dedicated platform for recruitment.

  • If you meet the requirements, you can visit this URL
  • The next thing to do after this is to scroll down the page till you see an Apply Here Button. This button is right below a YouTube video titled GTB Intern.
  • If there are available openings, you will see them listed. Else you will see this message “Sorry, This Job is currently unavailable”
  • Should the job be available, then go ahead to provide all the details they require of you. We have listed most of these documents in the required documents section. Other documents you need as deem fit by GTB will be listed.

What are the advantages of Interning at Guarantee Trust Bank?

As you should expect, there is a load of perks and benefits that you can derive as an intern at Guarantee Trust Bank.

Work Experience:

In fact, this is one of the primary reasons they design Industrial Training. To help students gain first-hand experience working as a professional. As an Intern at GTB, you can be sure of gaining first-hand experience relating to your area of specialization. Not only this, you will have the opportunity to apply your technical knowledge to real-life situations.


The GTB internship program will serve as an avenue for you to meet different people from various fields of study. As you already know, your Network is your Net worth. The people you meet at GTB Nigeria will help you build a strong Network base that will help fast-track your career growth.

Financial Compensation:

GTB programs are paid. In fact, they are one of the few organizations in Nigeria that pay their intern well. During your internship, they will pay you a stipend of #40,000 as an undergraduate for your personal upkeep. And for graduates, expect a salary of about N150, 000–N220, 000.

Advantage in the Job Market:

As you already know, the Nigerian job market is very competitive. To stand out from the crowd, you must possess the relevant Skillset and also have tangible years of experience. The GTB internship is an opportunity to gain transferrable skills and work experience that will give you an edge in the job market.

Other benefits:

  • You are assured of growth and personal development
  • The GTB Internship program will present you with an impressive value system and a conducive working environment.
  • If you are studying any bank related course, this program will enlighten you more about the dynamics of the Banking industry.


If you are interested in a conducive environment where learning and development are the most sought after. Then you can count on the GTB internship program. If you are eligible for the internship program, apply. In addition, if there are no available job postings at the time you apply, always ensure to revisit the website to know about any opening. You can always leverage this URL




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