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2021 Global Vision Scholarship, Inha University

Entrance fee is a big deal for many students that gain admission to study in a foreign university. But with programmes like the 2021 Global Vision Scholarship at Inha University in South Korea, there is an opportunity to get your tuition fee and entrance fee paid in full.

The university is willing to waive the tuition and entrance fee for up to 8 semester as decided during the process. This is a great opportunity for applicants t

Who can apply for this scholarship
Students of the university can be recommended for this scholarship by their academic advisors. So, they must first be students of the university to be eligible to apply. In as much as international students are targeted for this scholarship, academic performance also matters. That is why applicants for this scholarship are required to have a Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA of 3.50 to 3.75. Lesser CGPAs are not accepted for this programme.

As typical with most scholarship application, students are required to produce English Language Proficiency Tests; IELTS (5.5 and above), TOEFL IBT (71 and above), TOPIK (Level 3 and above), TOEIC (700) and New TEPS (327).

Interestingly, this international scholarship covers Masters, PhD and Doctoral programmes and it has been announced that there will be 25 awardees for this scholarship.

Inha University

Inha University is a university in South Korea. It is considered the best university around Incheon and number 10 nationwide because of its various programmes and scholars that are tracked to the university. For many years it has built a reputation as the best destination for international students that seek to develop their careers through quality education.

Inha is a private university devoted to research in the sciences. Although it is a South Korean University, it is a product of a collaboration between South Korea and America under the country’s first president Syngman Rhee. It began as Polytechnic in 1954 and it developed to become an advanced global learning center that it is today because of its high standards. Also, it is a place where international students that are interested in technology and science go to get trained.

It is no doubt a world class university that many international students love. However, this scholarship programme managed by the institution has further entrenched its reputation. It is now seen as a global learning center for students and researcher around the world.

How to apply for this scholarship

Application can be made through the University portal. After creating an account, login and proceed to the application. The Global Vision Application form is different from the admission form so it should be separately field. Both applications are to be submitted together.

The closing date for applications have not been announced by the University.


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