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2021 Common Wealth Split Site Scholarship (Ph.D.)

The United Kingdom Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office sponsored scholarship is here again. The 2021 Common Wealth Split Site Scholarship (Ph.D.) provides the opportunity for highly skilled and intelligent young people to go for further studies in the United Kingdom.

They will acquire relevant skills in their chosen career through the Ph.D. Scholarship from the United Kingdom. Applicants for the 2021 Common Wealth Split Site Scholarship must choose UK universities that have signed the part-fund agreement. This is because of a funding arrangement between some selected University in the UK. The scholarship will help low-income countries and their citizens to acquire decent education.

Studying in the United Kingdom is expensive and it is not affordable to many Nigerian graduates who want to pursue a Ph.D. It is expected that through research, those selected from low-income countries will contribute to research and development in the host country as well as globally.

After their scholarship in the United Kingdom, they will have all it takes to contribute to research in their home countries in their respective areas of specialty. The Ph.D. scholarship will target those whose Ph.D. will focus on development, research, and teaching because it aligns with the vision of the organizers.

Who can Apply for this Scholarship?

If you meet the following criteria, you will be eligible to apply for the 2021 commonwealth split-site scholarship.

You must be a citizen of the country that you are applying from to be eligible. If you are a refugee, it is expected that you must have been granted refugee status by commonwealth countries, Also, you must be a permanent resident of the commonwealth country that you reside in.

Applicants must have been registered for a Ph.D. program at the time of applying for it in any of the commonwealth countries. This is required because the program is scheduled to start in September.

Applicants must make sure that their home university has a link with the university that they are applying for in the United Kingdom. This is because of the ease of relating with the approved University in the United Kingdom. Links can be departments or other collaborations with the proposed university by the university they are admitted to in the home country.

Applicants must also be available by January 2022 when the academic program will begin.
Applicants must possess a 2.1 degree or a second-class degree with a suitable post-graduate degree.

Benefits of this Scholarship Program

The tuition fee for the Ph.D. will be covered by the program
All your airfare to and for during the period of the scholarship will be provided as well.

Clothing allowance, living stipends allowance, travel grant for study-related travels. There will also be child allowance for single parents, widows, and divorced persons.

Apply for the 2021 Common Wealth Split Site Scholarship (Ph.D.)

Please ensure that you apply to a University in the United Kingdom. It must be a University that has a part-fund agreement with the part-fund commonwealth scholarship. Ensure that you use the CSC online application system when applying for this scholarship.

Nigerians that are passionate about advancing their careers should take advantage of this scholarship. Application can be completed online by visiting the official website to complete the application process.

This scholarship opportunity closes on September 21, 2021. Interested persons should click the link below and apply for the 2021 Common Wealth Split Site Scholarship.




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