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2021 College of Wooster Performing Arts Scholarship

Apply for the 2021 College of Wooster Performing Arts Scholarship in the United States of America to enable you enjoy a seamless study period as an international student.

The scholarship award fund is from $2000 to $8000 for international students. That will go a long way to support their education especially when applicants are from poorer backgrounds. However, the scholarship is strictly for students that are interested in obtaining a performing Arts Degree (Major) at the College of Wooster in USA.

Interestingly this scholarship does not have to be repaid and it is renewable annually so long as the student remains in favor with the university. No minimum Grade Point Average is required to obtain this scholarship.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Since this scholarship does not require a certain GPA, interested applicants must participate in various programmes at the University throughout the period of their studies.

In addition, one of SAT or ACT certificate is required for this scholarship.
English language proficiency test results are required. The following are acceptable tests for English proficiency: TOEFL PBT (550), TOEFL IBT (80) and IELTS (7.0).

Application for this scholarship ends on November 1, 2021 and all interested applicants should complete their applied action before the stated date. The scholarship is both for graduate and post graduate students and it is valued at $8000.

How to apply for this scholarship

There are two ways that applications can be done for this programme.  It can be done either through common application or coalition application. It is for students that are majoring in Performing Arts even if they take part in numerous other programmes.

Common Application
The common application can be done through the common app. Applicants are to sign up on the app to begin the application process.

Coalition application
This application can be completed through the My Coalition portal of the College of Wooster.

About 2021 College of Wooster Performing Arts Scholarship

Those that are seeking a comprehensive liberal arts education for international students will find various projects to develop their skills.

At the completion of this programme students will have acquired highly priced abilities that will be relevant to employers and graduate schools. It will immensely develop the careers of students.

There are sterling statistics to prove that this university is a place to be for international students seeking to develop careers in performing Art.
1/3 of students at the university according to statistics from the university perform in at list one musical ensemble. Another 1/3 compete in varsity teams and 1/4 take part in theatre or dance. Students can choose from over 130 student organizations to join while studying at the university.

Currently, it has 2000 students consisting of US student of color, 54% women, 46% men, 46 states in the United States are represented and there are students from 65 countries include 17% international students.


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