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The 2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate Internship programme

2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate Internship programme

If you are on this page to read about the 2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate Internship programme, then you are on the right page. In this article we will discuss vividly all that you are expected to know about the 2021 Andela Graduate internship program. This includes how to register, the eligibility requirements and every other important information.

To start with, the 2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate internship programme is an initiative by Andela, a network of technology leaders that are dedicated to advancing human potential. Furthermore, this program also serves as an avenue for Andela Nigeria to invest in the most talented software Engineers in Africa to help organizations solve the issue of technical talent shortage, and to build a high performance distributed engineering firms.

What you should know about Andela Nigeria

2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate Internship programme

Andela is an American company with campuses in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya. Four professionals who were working on business and online education recruitment found them in the year 2014,. The founders are Ian Carnevale, iyinoluwa Aboyeji, and Jeremy Johnson. The Andela Group specializes in identifying and developing software Engineers.

 In 2014, which was the same year they established them, they launched operations in Nigeria, to help organizations globally overcome the shortage barrier of skilled software developers. At the time of their inception, they found Andela on a simple truth, and that is Brilliance is evenly distributed, but the opportunity is not.

Andela Nigeria believes there are talents everywhere, but all too often their potentials are limited. This is majorly due to arbitrary factors such as race, nationality, gender, and also the challenges of operating globally.

The Andela Nigeria group started in Lagos, and in the space of 6 years they are reaching across multiple continents of the world. In fact, they have become the talent network that hundreds of organization worldwide trust to seamlessly help them tap into global brilliance.

Furthermore, asides from connecting hundreds of organizations to talents on the Africa continent, they have also accelerated the careers of tens of thousands of individuals. Additionally, they have also brought these individuals into the global talent systems.

Today, the aim of Andela Nigeria is still the same, to bring the best talent to all aspects of digital product suite and roles that add tremendous value to the evolving tech world. In fact, with each successful match they make, their dream of a world where the most talented people can build a commensurate with their ability.

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How does the 2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate Internship work?

The 2021 Andela Graduate Trainee programme is a full-time role tagged the people intern. The programme is aimed at bringing brilliant and committed Nigerian Graduates into the Andela family. They designed the program to be both a learning and practical oriented. Therefore, you can be sure to learn a whole lot while on board.

In this position, you will work directly with the people team in a wide range of tasks and duties that relates to people’s orientation. Also, it will be an avenue to directly apply what you have learnt in your tertiary institution in a professional work environment. Asides from this, you will also have the privilege to work with different teams across the Andela network across the world.

Key Responsibilities:

In this role, you are expected to perform the following duties:

  • Support the onboarding of employees. This is by sending welcome mails, collating employee data to carry out background checks and pre-employment medical checks.
  • Attending to Nigeria and Ghana help desk request
  • Drafting and submitting of all employees letter for review and signature
  • Support performance management by sending out confirmation letters to employees
  • Management of benefit administration. This is by ensuring that all new employees are duly registered on the HMO within 1 week of resumption.
  • Support employee onboarding by tracking resignations, sending out of boarding acceptance emails, set up exit meetings and ensure that all letters are duly signed.
  • All other tasks deemed fit by the management.

What are the eligibility requirements?

  • You must possess a degree from any accredited Nigerian University. A Master’s degree is an added advantage.
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • You must have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Must be able to maintain confidentiality of HR documents and other personal information
  • You must be excellent at critical thinking, analytical mindset, and problem-solving skills
  • A genuine interest in Human Resources and Project management.
  • You must be personable and must be able to comfortably and pleasantly deal with a variety of people.
  • Must show commitment to the aims and values of Andela.

How do I apply for the 2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate Internship Programme?

To apply for the 2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate Internship programme, kindly follow the following procedures:

  • Follow this link to start your application: https://bit.ly/3dcegTj
  • Once you are on the page, scroll to the bottom until you see a form.
  • The form will request for your Names, Email address, phone number, and you will also be asked to attach your CV, cover letter and also your LinkedIn profile.
  • Ensure you enter all details correctly.
  • Once you have double checked, hit the Submit Application button.

When is the closing date for the 2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate Internship programme?

Most people ask this question when they do not see a specified closing date. Therefore, to answer the question, there is no deadline date at the moment for the 2021 Andela Graduate Internship. If you meet the eligibility requirements above, kindly apply.

What is Andela Nigeria Salary?

The salaries for staffs of Andela Nigeria vary, but from our research, we have been able to compile the salaries of some key position in the organization. Here they are:

  • Senior Software Engineer–N700, 000
  • Partner Engineering Manager Salaries–N510, 000
  • Software Developer salaries–N250, 000
  • Software Engineer Salaries–N300, 000.


Application for the 2021 Andela Nigeria Graduate internship is currently open, if you meet up with the eligibility requirements, kindly apply. At the moment there is no set deadline. Also, the programme is open for individuals that have a genuine interest in HR and Project management.




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